Self-Tracking Suitcase Passes $1M On Indiegogo

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Self-Tracking Suitcase Passes $1M On Indiegogo

Photo Credits: bluesmart
  • GPS tracking
  • Extra battery for charging devices
  • Loaded with smart features

The Bluetooth-connected suitcase which keeps tabs on where in the world you’ve traveled and tracks its own location using GPS

The world was once functioning well without the sensors; there are literally sensors for everything and with that we are relying more and more on the werables and now even the moveables. We have already concluded that the technology now knows no limits and we are now being introduced to this Bluetooth-connected suitcase which has the ability to keep a tab on all the places where you have travelled in the world and the best part is that this amazing suitcase is self sustaining. Having said that, we would like to elaborate on the meaning of this which makes things even more interesting; it can track its own location using GPS. Are you already there where we want you to be? Yes. No more showing up at the missing luggage department.

The good news is that this amazing idea has passed $1 million raised on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website. This Bluesmart carry on suitcase is also equipped with a 37 Watts lithium ion battery which means that you can also charge your mobile devices on the go when you are left without any power socket nearby. Just how much we need this battery juice while we are travelling!

The 34L, 21.5″ x 14″ x 9″ suitcase is packed with smart features which are there to make life easier. It has a digital, proximity-triggered lock which can secure the case when it’s out of range of your phone for peace of mind. This proximity feature is more useful than it appears and has the ability to trigger in-app alerts when you and your case are parted to combat forgetfulness or theft. With the help of the built in digital scale, you can also view the weight of the packed case via a companion app so forget about fretting over luggage and having to worry about not exceeding your hand luggage limits. Those who are used to carrying multiple gadgets will find the quick access pouch quite handy. This pouch has been placed perfectly to make it easier to access your electronics devices so you can easily un-box them at security.

At the moment their campaign has managed to raise $1,003,500 from almost 4,500 backers with eight days left to run so a lot of pre order cash has been pledged with them. Indiegogo pre-orders convinced by the Bluesmart concept can pick up the case for $235, which is around half what its makers say they expect the full retail price to be next year.

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