Toyota’s hydrogen car gets a name and more US filling stations

Toyota's hydrogen car gets a name and more US filling stations

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Toyota has announced that it’s upcoming fuel cell vehicle (FCV) will be called the Mirai

We might soon be blessed with Toyota’s fuel cell vehicle (FCV) which has finally received a name and according to the company it would be named Mirai. The word Mirai means “future” in Japanese and according to Toyota, the “future has arrived”. In addition to this, the company also announced that a network of hydrogen stations was being opened up in the Northeastern part of the US which would support the refueling of the car. The vehicle, thought to be priced at $69,000, is going to make its way into the market by 2016 and will first arrive in the US.

Toyota’s claim to having finally brought in the future is quite disappointing for a few and we can imagine what the reaction of the thousands of people who’ve owned a Honda FCX Clarity FCV since 2005 would have been. Though we agree that the Japanese automaker is has entered late onto this bandwagon, but it still making a huge bet on its FCV. With collaboration with Air Liquide, Toyota is building 12 hydrogen stations in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

These stations are going to be placed at strategically important points so that the car owners can take benefit of the 300-mile-range and not worry about running out of their ‘gas’. We also heard Toyota claiming previously that it would arrange for 19 such stations to be built in California.

source: toyota

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