Sen. Lindsey Graham President Run dubbed a Wise Move

Sen Lindsey Graham President Run dubbed a Wise Move

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Senator Lindsey Graham president run for 2016 has been dubbed a wise move. As a republican contender he carries clout in the party ranks.

Hailing from South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham is thinking it over. He /4/run for president in the political turmoil of 2016. Till then he is biding his time for he knows it will come. He is from the republican party and a leading and most favorite choice made by the cadres within the party.

Sen. Lindsey Graham had even made a pact with the IRS to experiment and road test his initiative. The senator said in Meet the Press that he would definitely look into the matter. Others such as Mike Huckabee and Marco Rubio also discussed their own prospects on the show.

They spoke of how the field was left wide open for anyone to step up and take the helm. Even John McCain supports the senator although covertly. He had privately encouraged Lindsey to run for president.

McCain even said that no one had as thorough a grasp of the postmodern world as Lindsey had. These are indeed big words coming from a big man. Lindsey felt that he ought to take a shot at the presidency since Obama had really screwed up his job as president of the United States.

Sen. Lindsey Graham said that he just /4/have what it takes to win the role of president in 2016 seeing how there was a power vacuum that was gradually building up in American politics.   

The republican party is frankly speaking in a mess. The few candidates that existed before have dwindled down to zilch. Mitt Romney failed and John McCain failed too. Yet Lindsey /4/be the great white hope in the end.

He has the guts and the glory and with dedication and devotion he /4/turn the nighttime into the day. And after all is really said and done, the two choices of Mitt and John are cancelled out leaving behind only Lindsey.

With all the negative thinking going on in the party ranks and the loser bait in the form of conspiracy theories that have haunted the party psyche, Lindsey comes as a fresh breath of air. He is (or will indeed be) the man of the moment. The future /4/as well belong to him alone.

Senator Lindsey Graham said on NBC’s Meet the Press that he disagrees with Obama and felt that the prez was causing a whole lot of unnecessary lives to be lost in meaningless wars. Let’s hope Sen Lindsey Graham fares better than President Obama if he gets elected in 2016. 

Watch the video clip below in which Sen Lindsey Graham explains to MTP’s Chuck why he’s thinking about running for president in 2016.

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