Sex Tape Actor Jason Segel is the Perfect Partner for Cameron Diaz

The actor Jason Segel and actress Cameron Diaz discussed her film Sex Tape recently in an interview. And Diaz called Jason a perfect partner to do sex (for the movie off course).

Sex Tape Actor Jason Segel is the Perfect Partner for Cameron Diaz

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Sex Tape Actor Jason Segel is the Perfect Partner for Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz appeared to be not in the least bit ashamed or awkward over her role in the film Sex Tape. In fact, she said that doing the hot and horny sex scenes with actor Jason Segel was a cinch and it felt good. 

“Jason was the perfect partner to do this with,’’ says Diaz. “He and Jake (Kasdan, director) made me feel very safe. It was a locker room kind of vibe; we were teammates in it together. And you have to get naked as part of doing it.”

And Jason had to diet down to the right weight in order to play her partner in Sex Tape. Jason Segel lost 14kg to play the role of Diaz’s husband in the movie.

“It was really important that the issue be really simple; that this couple love each other, are still very hot for each other, and don’t know how to make the time to express that to each other,’’ Segel says.

“So I didn’t want there to be anything confusing the situation, like, ‘Oh, maybe it’s because she is not attracted to him any more. Maybe it’s because he is so out of shape’.”

Cameron and Jason play a couple post-children who decide to spice up their sex life by making a video of them selves cavorting in bed. 

Of course the whole shebang goes wrong with the video accidentally going viral. That is when the real fun starts. And Jason is not ashamed at all on the nude sex scenes of him with Diaz.

“I don’t really have a sense of pride or shame, but I must say as I have gotten older and I have developed a more meaningful relationship with my body, I take it a little more seriously. I take myself more seriously now,” he said.

However, Jason Segel’s mother is not happy at all on the nude scenes. In fact, she started crying when she first saw Segel naked on screen.

Later on, she sent a warning email to family members. “I would like to inform you all that Jason has chosen to do full-frontal nudity,” she wrote. “However, it is not gratuitous and is essential to the plot.”

“I have told her a couple of times: ‘There are a few shots of me that you are not going to be thrilled about. You see me naked doing a handstand which provides a view that …’ Well, if she has ever seen it, it was probably when I was a child.”

“There is no reason for her to have seen that view,” said Diaz with a laugh. And Cameron has no worries about her mother’s response to Sex Tape nude scenes.

“I don’t know if she wants to see it. I don’t think she needs to see it. But she could if she wanted to. I’m not going to tell her she can’t.”

Watch official trailer of Sex Tape below.

Cameron appeared with a much heavier Jason in the movie Bad Teacher. Both Diaz and Segel are against posting love moments on the internet.

“Especially for teenage girls,’’ says Segel, warning girls never to trust a teenage boy. “You are not going to marry a 15-year-old boy. You are not sending that picture to your (future) husband!”

“What’s the point of having something like that even be a factor in your life? It doesn’t have to be,’’ adds Diaz. She said that she would not advice young girls to allow their boyfriends to make sex tapes of them in real life.

Besides she was not a big fan of social media either. Her Twitter account was something she cancelled after awhile due to some issues. 

“I tried Twitter for a couple of months and I really didn’t take to it,” said Diaz. “It’s just not my instinct to share what I am doing with the world or to look and see what other people are doing. I forget I even have the app on my phone.”

“It doesn’t give me a particularly good feeling to see the negativity that’s out in the world, either.”

What Cameron simply did not like were certain comments regarding her remaining childless and not starting a family. Cameron said that it was a personal choice whether you wanted to have a baby or not. 

If she preferred to remain without children that was her own decision and no one ought to pressurize her into the whole thing. And in another interview she also defended her movie which the interviewer said was not very good. 

Cameron spoke of how they make movies not for critics but for the audience. So, she reserved her decision to see her movie as a success instead of a popcorn failure. 

But it is a fact that the critics gave pretty negative reviews of sex tape. They termed it joyless and mechanical. The film was not the least bit sexy. 

Rather it portrayed an adult-rated topic and was no movie for children or even teenagers to be watching. The peril of technology was what the film was about actually and it served more as a lesson or a warning rather than as any sort of entertainment.  




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