Shirley Manson denigrates Kanye West for being such a Spoilsport

Shirley Manson denigrates Kanye West for being such a Spoilsport

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The female singer, Shirley Manson denigrated Kanye West for being such a spoilsport at the Grammys. She called him a twat for acting so childishly.

The singer of songs such as Stupid Girl and member of the musical group Garbage, Shirley Manson chided Kanye West for his crybaby antics at the Grammys

Kanye who acted like an absolute oaf once, by grabbing the microphone from Taylor Swift and announcing that the award ought to have gone to Beyonce, almost repeated his stupid mistake this year at the Grammys. 

He walked over towards the stage and turned back midway to the relief of so many. Since Beck got the award in place of Beyonce, Kanye was maddened beyond a shadow of a doubt. 

He later on delivered a rant to a news channel regarding how the Grammys had failed black artists. Beck however was gentlemanly enough to ignore any insulting phrases by Kanye. 

In fact, he was so humble that he praised both Beyonce and even called Kanye a genius. When Shirley Manson got to know of this she was angry and filled with resentment against the four year old acts of Kanye.

Shirley posted certain biting remarks on Facebook to the effect that Kanye was the one who had no artistry left inside him. She told him very clearly that he was a spoilt brat and a twat who had no respect left in him for other artists. 

She also scolded and chided him for trying to stick up for Beyonce. Shirley said that Beyonce was doing very well on her own and probably didn’t need Kanye bending over backwards for her sake. 

Kanye had made a fool out of himself by acting in such a juvenile manner. He ought to be ashamed of himself and could learn some manners and rules of good behavior from Beck who was the perfect knight in shining armor as compared to Kanye. 

Shirley furthermore asked Kanye in a haughty tone to grow up and act more like a mature responsible adult rather than a petulant two year old who is used to displaying terrible temper tantrums. 

It is other artists he is putting to shame via his hateful and disgusting conduct. Why did he need to stink up the Grammys with his high and mighty judgmental attitude? Earlier on when he had done the same thing with Taylor Swift, President Obama had called him a jackass. This time one thinks he ought to be called a harsher word that contains the “ass” of “jackass” intact.

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