Single’s Day Sales blows past $9 Billion in Sales

Single's Day Sales blows past $9 Billion in Sales



China’s Black Friday is over and consumers spent a cool $9 billion within 24 hours.

According ot Alibaba the Single’s Day (11.11) Sales surpassed $9 billion. Xiaomi, Japanese apparel retailer Uniqlo, Huawei and Chinese furniture retailer Linshimuye have been the major brands in the huge Black Friday-like sales event.

The 11.11 Festival as Alibaba had more than $1 billion worth of goods sold over Alibaba Group’s e-commerce platforms within the first 20 minutes of this year’s 11.11 Shopping Festival, with nearly half of all transactions taking place via mobile devices. 

Alibaba Group rolled out the sale worldwide this year. The strongest overseas traffic was coming from Hong Kong, the U.S. and Taiwan.

“Behind the scenes and behind the numbers are millions of merchants and millions of partners who worked together with us to create this festival for consumers,” Alibaba Group COO Daniel Zhang told reporters prior to the start of the sale.

The largest 24-hour online sale in the world, the 11.11 Shopping Festival this year involves some 27,000 merchants and 42,000 brands selling over Alibaba shopping websites, Taobao Marketplace, AliExpress and Tmall Global. Last year’s 24-hour sale saw $5.8 billion. This means the Single’s Day almost doubled in sales volume.

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