Six Flags Fight thought to be organized via Twitter

Six Flags Fight thought to be Tweet-Based Phenomenon

Six Flags Twitter


A fight at Six Flags America was thought to have been a tweet-based phenomenon.

A brawl that broke out at Six Flags America caused injuries to a 15 year old boy. The whole tussle /4/have been entirely due to a series of altercations on Twitter by teenagers. The boy was repeatedly hit in the head and is currently in a coma. He is to undergo surgery but it has been procrastinated. 

Meanwhile, the police are looking into the matter. It seems that several teenagers turned the Halloween-inspired “Fright Fest” into a no-holds barred fighting ring. 

One of the tweets said that there would be fisticuffs at the event although the writer of the comments hoped no such thing would happen. The park attendees started calling 911 when the bare-knuckles brawl began. 

A whole bunch of teens began lining up for a bit of rough and tumble affairs that soon got out of hand. According to one of the adults, it was a pandemonium of sorts and all the parents were very concerned lest their children get caught up in the line of fire.   

A lady named Katrina Walker had a son who got badly injured. He incurred a fracture to the cranium. Currently, he is stuck in a coma and is fighting for his life. He /4/be pronounced dead any moment. 

He was hit through no fault of his own. Someone just hit him on the head off the bat and then another unknown person delivered another blow that knocked him out cold. The police however have said that he /4/survive the attack. 

There were two more individuals who also incurred minor injuries and they are recuperating in the hospital. The teens involved in the fight even wielded dangerous weapons such as knives. 

Whole groups of teens were fighting haphazardly and at random. It was chaos on a grand scale. The police are looking high and low for the perpetrators and starters of this row. Twitter and Facebook pages are being perused in an effort to get top the bottom of who the real culprits behind the fight actually are.

Source: WashingtonPost

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