Smart Wallet tech coming to CES 2015

Smart Wallet tech coming to CES 2015

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NXT-ID to unveil Wocket smart wallet

The International Consumer Electronics Show is just mere weeks away in Las Vegas and it will be by far the biggest conference of consumer electronics and digital technology companies in the world. One company that plans on making a big impression at CES 2015 is NXT-ID, Inc. The company has announced that they will be showcasing their new Wocket Smart Wallet at CES 2015 and it will be a part of PepCom’s Digital Experience that will be held on Monday, January 5th. CES 2015 officially runs from January 6th until January 9th, 2015 at various venues around Las Vegas.

Wocket is a patented and trademarked technology which has smart wallet technology that is similar to smart phones and smart watches. The biggest advantage of the Wocket is that it will be able to store all of your credit cards and other vital information into one device. There is groundbreaking technology associated with the Wocket that prevents identity theft and the possible theft of credit cards. The Wocket can be used at any retail outlet where credit cards are accepted as payment. The Wocket will be able to store up to 10,000 cards and their information on one device. NXT-ID and PepCom officials say that you should contact them first if you would like a personal tour of the Wocket during CES 2015.

PepCom is a worldwide company that specializes in promoting and operating major exhibitions for the digital and computer technology industries. They are based out of Delray Beach, Florida. NXT-ID is one of the new leaders in biometric computer activity and security. The company is now focusing most of their energies toward new smart technologies. NXT-ID is also becoming a leader in 3-D imaging technology in which the company already has 22 exclusive patents in this field.

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