Snapchat uncovers ‘DISCOVER’

Snapchat uncovers ‘DISCOVER’

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Snapchat’s new inn-app feature ‘DISCOVER’ was launched today and will present creative content including artistic photos and videos to be viewed by its users!

Snapchat is a virtual platform for users where they can become familiar with different viewpoints through snaps, either individual snaps or in the form of Our Story. Snapchat aims to provide the world with an innovative way to see it.  

Today Snapchat unveiled ‘DISCOVER’ a function on the app that enables users to analyse stories from editorial teams. The most significant property of DISCOVER to be noted is its claim that it is ‘not social media’.

Such a classification is justified by the Snapchat team by explaining that social media companies provide reading material to users based upon the already present latest and most popular trends. However in DISCOVER Snapchat has collaborated with media leaders to put the artists and editors before the trends. DISCOVER is a function that gives the narrative the initial position.  

A versatile group of editorial content will be available to users for viewing based upon top grade selection, rather than popularity of shares and likes on the social media. The most refreshing aspect of DISCOVER is that it has been assembled for creative individuals rather than the other way around.

An ever present predicament for artists is to compromise with their artistic integrity to accommodate the latest technological apps and tools, just so their creations can be circulated and recognised. DISCOVER on the other hand accommodates the Arts. The artistic integrity remains intact and users of Snapchat are exposed to a variety of different creative material.

Every edition of DISCOVER will consist of large-sized photos and videos in good quality for proper viewing, along with well-designed advertisements and even some layouts of different artists from all around the world. The photo and video content will be very varied and /4/consist of teasers.

The material will be composed by media partners and Snapchat’s own team of journalists and videographers. Content from all over the world will be screened and included for viewing by the users. It will also be the ultimate platform for unknown artists, and will be a new sort of online virtual community, for people with the same tastes and interests. 

In DISCOVER the editors are solely in charge of putting the stories together piece by piece, starting from the beginning, comprising the middle and going all through to the end. The editions will be revived with new material and more artists, after every 24 hours to keep DISCOVER up to date and to make way for all sorts of upcoming artists. DISCOVER will not follow trends but it will be at the stage of making new trends regardless of corporate control and these trends will be formulated according to the selections by the people.

DISCOVER will not only be immensely interesting but also very easy to use. The instructions for using DISCOVER comprise of tapping on an edition to open it, then swiping left to survey different snaps in the form of a list. When an interesting snap catches the attention of the user they can swipe the snap to view all its content and discover more. DISCOVER will be a new and unique surprise for users on a daily basis. 


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