Sofia Vergara shines at the Emmy Awards

Sofia Vergara shines at the Emmy Awards

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The model Sofia Vergara shone at the Emmy Awards. There are very many moments when she looked her best.

Sofia Vergara is a beautiful supermodel who is a stunner to boot. There is not an instance in her life when she feels awkward or appears not to be at her peak point. 

Sofia is full of confidence and knows how to express herself before the audience. She is also an actress who stars in The Modern Family. 

Sofia has many times shown that she is capable of taking care of her external looks. Whether she gazes at a friend or acts like a wallflower at a party scene, this girl has got it made. 

When she looks downwards, she doesn’t appear depressed at all. And when she poses for the camera’s eye, she smiles that 100 watt smile. 

Her laughter makes you want to laugh yourself. Whether it is her curvy body or the confused look she gives off sometimes, it all fits in with her personality. 

Even her pretense is genuine in a way. And when she gives you the fish eye, you had better be ready. 

With a toss of her silky strands she questions the reporters as to what she is supposed to say at such an occasion. 

And then again she bursts into peals of laughter. And finally she says her goodbyes. 

Meanwhile, she never brought her boyfriend with her to the Emmys. She gave some lame excuses as to why this was so. She said that he was big and took up too much space. 

Also she said that he was simply too sexy to be with her. What these words are supposed to mean is anyone’s lucky guess. It’s been about two and a half months since the two have been on the dating circuit. 

She mentioned that he was a really fun sort of guy and the two had a good time together. 


Then another thing happened at the Emmys. Sofia was put on a pedestal which revolved all the better to show off her curvaceous and super-sexy body. 

She played along for awhile and finally quit when the commentator said that we all ought to give the audience something viewable. 

At this she stepped down and said that enough was enough. That was the reason why she had stopped doing car commercials. 

Source: E! News, ABC, Time

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