The Room Game Review

This is the most exquisite creation of Fireproof Games. It is a mind-boggling journey packed with grandeur, risk, and enigma simultaneously. The Room will convey you into a one of a kind space that fuses enchanting optical graphics with very enthralling problems to crack.


  • The most recent update of this exciting game was made on January 2014 to deal with a few problems on the running in certain specific Android gadgets.
  • It requires a somewhat large amount of space: 194MB for installation
  • For a game of its level, it only needs an Android platform of at least 2.3 to run, and iOS 5.0 above
  • To get it into your device, you have to part with about $1.2 for download on Android, and $.99 for iOS

In Use

The opening of boxes might sound boring but it is actually quite the opposite. Each individual box has a number of covert secrets and hints that will keep you thoroughly absorbed, in a bid to find the exact sequence of systematic actions to open the box.

There are some dials and knobs to turn, elaborate safe code combinations to crack, concealed compartments that have keys. and a lot more interesting mysteries.

The game controls are rather simple and since you are making use of a touch screen, time and again dragging and sliding your fingers across the screen will enable you to accomplish the mission. You will sometimes need to wind up things, slide and set things in certain positions, push some buttons and even tap a pattern out.



  • Perturbing life-like graphics and interface
  • Very fascinating layers of cryptic mystery
  • Simple and precise game controls, you can even use a single digit to wholly navigate in this amazing mysterious 3D realm
  • The solving of puzzles sharpens your mind’s awareness


  • It comes with quite a price
  • It is rather short


This game will definitely take you by surprise. If you are looking for a fabulous game to test your puzzle solving skills, this is the game to play. Once you start, you are completely fixated till the end, and you will not have enough of it.

Download links: Apple iTunes, Google Play




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