Solar Eclipse 2014: USA To Witness The 2nd And Last Solar Eclipse Of This Year

Solar Eclipse 2014: USA to witness the 2nd and last solar eclipse of this year

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  • Solar Eclipse to take place on Thursday, October 23rd
  • USA to see what will be the partial solar eclipse
  • The country won’t see another one like this till 2023

The US Won’t See Another Solar Eclipse Like This Week’s Until 2023

The partial solar eclipse of Thursday is going to start off at 3:38 pm EDT (12:38 pm PDT) and is expected to last through 7:52 pm EDT (4:52 pm PDT). It is being said that this solar eclipse is going to show us the most spectacular phenomenon, which is just going to be a small portion of the total eclipse, when the moon blocks out the most sun. This remarkable sight will be witnessed at around 5:45 pm EDT (2:45 pm PDT).

Whenever there is a solar eclipse, only some part of the world gets to see it since this event takes place when the moon passes between the Earth and sun, casting its shadow across the Earth as it does so. However, the size of this shadow is relatively small which indicates that only some of us get lucky enough to see this phenomenon each time it happens. Guess whose getting lucky this time? North America!

It isn’t really usual for most of the US to be able to see a solar eclipse like the one happening this week. Such a phenomenon is going to take place for the US when the total solar eclipse will take place on Aug. 21, 2017. However, once again it wont be possible for everyone to witness it; only some part of the country will be able to see it. However, such a solar eclipse which is happening this week is not going to be witnessed again till the year 2013.

So this is certainly something which shouldn’t be missed. If you really want to see it properly, then get searching and find yourself the details on a map where you can see the solar eclipse and how much of the sun you will see blocked by the moon.

We sure know how the evolution of the moon takes place throughout the month; while it changes its shape from a new moon, to a crescent, to a full, and back. The sun, unlike the moon, never wavers in its full glory except for when it is time for a solar eclipse such as the one which is taking place today. So what exactly happens during a solar eclipse is that the moon passes directly between Earth and the sun, casting its shadow over the side of the Earth that’s facing the sun. What we get as a result of these actions is the sun blocked out either fully or partially by a blackness that is the moon.

On a yearly basis, solar eclipses take place two to five times and this week’s solar eclipse is what is called a partial eclipse. A partial eclipse means that the moon will take only a small bite out of the sun as opposed to consuming it completely like during a total solar eclipse, pictured below. However for the year 2014, this is the second solar eclipse of the year and is going to be the last.

source: businessinsider


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