Sons of Anarchy: Faith and Despondency explored the Depths of Relationship and Tied off loose ends

Sons of Anarchy: Faith and Despondency explored the Depths of Relationship and Tied off loose ends

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  • Abel finally reveals the truth about Gemma’s sins to Jax.
  • Marks and Moses’ men were put to an end.
  • The couples and characters bonded further.

It had been building up for quite a time now that Abel knew that Gemma killed Tara. He also overheard what she said when she was holding Bobby’s dead body. The producers also told the audience that Abel will eventually play an important role in the story of the show. Abel is not someone to blab all the secrets. Abel tried to get Gemma in trouble in the newest episode of Sons of Anarchy.

The cute little blondie asked Gemma if she knew what an accident was in the previous episode. It was definitely not an accident that he finally spilled Gemma’s secret to Jax. It is yet to be determined what Jax’s strategy would be to deal with her but for now, we take a moment to appreciate the child’s exceptionally innocent acting and how he unraveled a mystery to change the face of SAMCRO.

The episode was extended longer than its usual time and we saw the characters coming closer. That included the episode starting with a sequence of all the couples getting some. Tig and Venus were raw and intense while other couples killed it too. It was Jax and Wendy who took the scene to emotion. They talked with each other about Bobby’s death and his concerns about the gang. 

This episode definitely took time with exploring each character which was refreshing. Usually the producers try to extend the story line. People usually enjoy exploring the characters than just being interested in how the story goes. This episode definitely did that.

Gemma and Juice shared some emotion of despair, Ratboy and Brooke spending some time together and the only disappointment was Chibs and Jarry. Jarry looked promising but her character has slowly declined across the show. 

Other than the emotional bonding, the epic end of Moses definitely put the story back on track. It was only fair enough that Moses got his eye plucked out, a serious grossed out moment. It worked though. It gave us the true sense of justice. Another overwhelming scene was how the guys celebrated after dealing with Moses and crew.  It also made us wonder about the bloodbath that had just happened. 

The arrival of Unser was questionable. The question was answered when it was revealed that Jax called him. Another perspective that we are looking forward to, other than Gemma being dealt with will be Juice’s fate. Juice’s decision to kill Lin will have to be seriously re-considered and we will have to find out what happens. There are still three episodes to go. 

Source: IGN

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