Sons of Anarchy: “Greensleeves” Recap

Sons of Anarchy faces a Major Overhaul in “Greensleeves”

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  • John Teller finally died and Juice is going to County to kill Lin.
  • Bobby has his eye gouged out to be sent as a message to the Sons.
  • Jax might be sparking a new romantic relationship with Inbar.

Sons of Anarchy faces a major overhaul in the brand new episode “Greensleeves.”

The latest episode of the Sons of Anarchy had a lot of blood, gruesomeness and even an emotional touch in the chapel. The newest episode “Greensleeves” featured the death of John Teller, Bobby being kidnapped and have his eye gouged out and sent as a message. Gemma confesses to killing Lara to Abel and the introduction of Inbar who might be Jax’s new lady.

We start of with John’s death where the rest of them gather and the iron falls on Juice’s head as he avoids his own death. They all decide that Juice will be the new John and he will definitely be going to the County to finish off Lin. It would be interesting to see how that story proceeds but before that Bobby was taken.

And in one gruesome scene, his eye was gouged out. Director Paris Barclay said that they shot the scene in a van and used a grapefruit serrated spoon rather than a knife to avoid a mess. What could be more interesting to see than his eye being gouged out? The Sons reaction when they see the video on the iPad sent to them along with Bobby’s separated eye.

According to Barclay, most of the cast reactions were real and capturing that moment felt surreal. Another moment felt surreal to Barclay and that was when Gemma is in a haze and confesses that she killed Tara. According to Barclay, Katey Sagal’s acting was so convincing when she is just falling around, drunk.

The real buzz was that Abel overheard the confession and when he asked her to come with him to meet Jax, she says she’s going to get her gun. It would be really interesting to see if she really kills him or not. Viewers are however warned about Abel as the writers are thinking about making his role more interesting over the season.  

While we wait, Bobby’s life hang in the balance and it all depends on Jax to do the right thing and save his life. Before he does anything, he tells all of them that he loves them and they are all his family.

Viewers did get teary over it and it was admittedly one of the most emotional things ever done on the show. There is no doubt that the cast members have real chemistry and they are bonded together. With that the introduction of the characters of Backus and Inbar is expected to bring new plots.

Although Backus’ role was short as he died in the end but Inbar is definitely staying and we might be seeing some sparks between her and Jax. The episode was intense and leaves the viewers with anticipation and curiosity about what’s to come.

Source: EW


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