Sony Pictures is not Blaming North Korea for Hack Attack

Sony Pictures is not Blaming North Korea for Hack Attack

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  • Sony’s hacker still unknown.

Sony Pictures is still not sure who is behind the leaked details. However, the company said in a statement that it is not blaming North Korea for the hack.

The cyber-attack which was launched last week had forced the employees of Sony to work with pen and paper as they had to shut down their system. However sensitive details such as employee salary data, product plans and video files of 5 motion pictures have been leaked on the internet and have caused much trouble and damage to Sony Pictures.

The employees explained that they were met with computers that displayed images of a neon skull and accompanied by a message that proclaimed that the company had been hacked by ‘G.O.P’ which stands for Guardians of Peace.

This cyber-attack is being seen as a proper plan and some have even stated that North Korea is behind this and that Sony will soon reveal this. The theory behind North Korea being involved in this attack is that North Korea does not want Sony pictures to produce a particular movie.

This particular movie is ‘The Interview’ which involves two American journalists who are hired by CIA, the American spy agency, to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Kim Jong-Un is the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army and the North Koreans cannot see anything against their supreme leader.

Moreover this comedy has been denounced by the North Koreans which has also led many to believe that the country is behind the attack. However this is just an assumption that is being made and Sony has made it clear that it does not believe in these assumptions. 

‘The Interview’ is all set to release on Christmas and stars Seth Rogen and James Franco. Earlier this summer North Korea had warned that the movie’s release would be seen as an act of war and will not be accepted by the North Korean people.

North Korea had also threatened to retaliate against the U.S over the release of this movie. Why is a comedy movie being taken so seriously by the North Koreans? Its time they realize that they also need some humor in their lives.

Sony has rejected any plan to name North Korea as the culprit behind their leaked information. In a recent article which was released on December 3, Re/code claimed that Sony will very soon name North Korea as the culprit. Re/code blamed North Korea for the cyber-attack and the leaked information.

However on Wednesday afternoon Sony told AP in a statement that the article from Re/code was false and baseless and Sony has no intention in doing anything the article claims. The company stated that the investigation into the cyber-attack is still underway and it was not clear up till now who is behind the attack.

The five movies that were compromised include ‘Annie’, ‘Furry’ and three other unreleased movies ‘Still Alice’, ‘Mr. Turner’ and ‘To Write Love on Her Arms’. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is also looking into the matter of this cyber-attack and has declined to comment on who is involved in the attack.

At least we get to see the trailers of these unreleased movies. Hacking isn’t that bad! 


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