Sony Pictures threatens to sue Twitter if it will not delete Tweets with Hacked Emails

Sony Pictures threatens Twitter if it will not delete Hacked Emails Tweets

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  • Sony Pictures general counsel David Boies sends a letter to his counterpart at Twitter headquarters.

Twitter is notified by Sony Pictures about the lawsuit following the use of the site disclosing the Stolen Information. The letter signifies the hacking of the company’s data and the harm it has caused. The letter also warns Twitter against the users that are using the social media site to publish the stolen information. Sony has threatened Twitter that they will sue the company if Sony Pictures comes to any further harm because of the tweets published regarding the stolen information.

When a large amount of Sony Pictures data was hacked, including accounts files, personal emails and personal profiles of the employees, there was a chance of a computer glitch somewhere. When the hacking team calling themselves Guardians of Peace threatened to disclose that information on Christmas, Sony Picture came under a gun.

The stolen information is in fact very damaging as we have seen in the case of Michael Fassenbender, Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio. That was just the cordial relationships that came under attack.

The still unreleased movie The Interview seemed to be the root cause of this cyber attack and the company has suffered a loss worth $40 million at least because of not releasing the movie being under threat. That threat was reinforced by Sony Pictures partners who cornered Sony and it gave in. That was a single defeat. 

Sony Pictures must take the reigns on this one and do some damage control. How do you do that when the data is lying there for everyone to see online and with so many social media apps to propagate them these days. Well, in the strategic mind of Sony Pictures, threatening seems to be an appropriate approach.

The general counsel at Twitter Vijaya Gadde received a letter by the general consultant at Sony Pictures regarding the publishing of the stolen information by various Twitter users.

Twitter is not the first receiver of the letter of this nature neither will it be the last. Sony Pictures has highlighted a Twitter user using the social media website to publish pictures of the Stolen Information which is damaging to the company. 

If any more harm shall come to the company or its employees because of any tweet, Sony will prosecute Twitter to the fullest extent in court. The nature of the letter was precautionary as it advised Twitter to notify all its users not to tweet this stolen information and all new user who are signing up should receive the letter as an enclosed email when they sign up to use the website.

Twitter has confirmed receiving the letter and its contents but it still remains quiet regarding their response meanwhile all the tweeters who have in fact participated in tweeting the SPE stolen information have been notified personally regarding the lawsuits that SPE could file against them.

Sony Letter to Twitter

Source: Motherboard

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