Sony plans to establish Sony Global Education to spread Learning throughout the World

Sony plans to establish Sony Global Education to spread Learning throughout the World
  • Sony Global Education Enterprise all set to spread Learning throughout the World

The Sony Global Education enterprise is all set to spread learning throughout the world.

Sony is going to do some good through its own resources and that too on a worldwide basis. Its Sony Global Education drive is going to convey online educational programs to the Japanese as well as the people of other countries. Sony Computer Science Labs are spearheading the initiative and this venture began approximately two years ago.

The state of education in the US, China and Japan in recent years is such that desperate measures need to be taken and that too within the nick of time. The program is meant to start the process in novel directions and various apps have been created for the express purpose of spreading learning and greater awareness among the masses of various nations.

Everything from math quizes to math competitions will get held to further the cause of arithmetic and algebraic symbolic manipulation. All the technical fields from science and technology to engineering and mathematics will get covered. These subjects are of prime importance in the progress and futuristic development of the world.    

Both business firms and other innovative organizations will benefit from the highly trained staff who will have gone through the educational grooming of Sony Global Education. Education, as everyone knows, is essential to fighting for your rights as well as a higher quality of living and ultimately its benefits go to those whom the educated fight for on a moral and actual basis.

The revolution in rising expectations and upswell in consciousness that is occurring currently has no end in sight. It will transform the world into a better place for our children and our children’s children. The ultimate function of this program started by Sony is to create greater psychological competence among the ordinary folks who normally do not have access to such resources.

They can gain the necessary skills and apply what they have learnt later on in real life and thus raise the GNP and GDP of their respective homelands. Thus the world will end up being a more prosperous and wonderful place where there will be products and services galore. Nothing will be lacking and the last minute sweeping up can be accomplished before a virtual utopia or technological singularity is achieved. That will be the day and it will have signaled the hallmark of a new society and brand new era in time.  

Basic information about Sony Global Education, Inc.

Corporate name: Sony Global Education, Inc.

Head office: 3-14-13 Higashi-gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Capital: 10 million yen

Senior Executives: 

Representative Director Masaaki Isozu

Director Hiroaki Kitano

Director Makoto Saito

Auditor Kojiro Gunji

Commencement of business: April 1, 2015 (scheduled)


Sony Corporation 90%

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. 10%

Business outline: Educational services focused both in Japan and abroad


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