Sony to Launch an E-Paper Watch Next Year

Sony has Electronic-Paper Watch in the Pipeline

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Sony has an electronic-paper watch somewhere in the pipeline.

Sony is at it again. The electronics giant plans on making an e-paper watch that will be coming out soon. The watch’s front will serve as material that displays the entire range of features that the watch possesses. And it can change its settings at the drop of a hat.

The sources that told this asked that their identity remain anonymous. The e-paper watch will be all about stylish looks. It will be a completely different proposal to Apple’s iWatch or Sony’s very own SmartWatch for that matter. It is not just that Sony wants to outdo Apple or Samsung.

It’s been ten years since Sony’s products have been constantly suffering. Gone are the days when the Sony Walkman or Trinitron used to be at the top. The CEO of Sony has started a division that will among other things produce the e-paper watch.

This new initiative in creativity will take some time to fully get on the road to progress. Since Sony’s progress had been stymied for awhile it will take awhile for it to recover from the economic blows. The new list of products do not fit the previous mold that Sony was known for. 

Aside from the e-paper watch, new technological building blocks are being constructed that will allow pros and novices alike to make their favorite products. It has been termed the MESH project. This is an acronym for “make, experience and share”.

It has a host of features encased or rather packed in a device smaller than a pack of gum. These tiny bots can be operated upon since they are linked wirelessly. Among the other ventures in this division /4/be included Sony’s Seed Acceleration Program.

Financing is the name of the game. Committees and teams meet on a regular basis and decide the nuts and bolts of the situation. The e-paper watch will be the acid test for Sony. Although the scope is limited for e-watches right now, in the future the trend is all set to increase by fivefold. T

hese include Fitbit’s rubber band trackers all the way up to the luxurious Veldt watches which sell for $780. There is of course the issue of the generally bad looks of smart watches. They do not have very beautiful physiognomies. And at present they are not such a lucrative deal since smartphones already perform many of the functions they are supposed to carry out. 

Source: Businessweek

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