SoundView shooting for CES 2015

SoundView shooting for CES 2015


Wocket technology to challenge Apple Pay

With the ever increasing popularity and convenience of payment options such as Apple Pay in today’s economy, consumers are always looking for a better option. Those options are certainly to be on display during the upcoming International Consumer Electronics Show to be held in Las Vegas on January 6th through January 9th. Apple Pay is becoming the top performer when it comes to digital wallet transactions but another company that is looking to compete is the Wocket by SoundView Technology. It is part of their NXT-ID technology and SoundView is hoping that the Wocket will become a game changing product. The Wocket is looking that it might be on full display at CES 2015.

The Wocket looks to already have a major company in their corner. Home Depot is already working on having their checkout counters armed with terminals that will be able to accept any and all digital wallets, regardless of what operating system and backing company that they /4/originate come from. The NXT-ID developers have been working hard to be able to insure that the Wocket will be able to be fully functional by the time that CES 2015 rolls around. SoundView executives are saying that the first round of production of the Wocket will come sometime during the month of December with the finished product finally coming to the consumer during the month of January; hopefully during the festivities of the four day meeting of CES 2015.

NXT-ID was a Kickstarter funded startup which is very impressive. There have been plenty of Kickstarter funded companies that have failed and there have been some that have survived but with a lot of help. NXT-ID and Wocket is looking like a product that could have some major sustainability. The Wocket certainly looks like a product that could be around for a very long time and it could be at the CES 2015 where the consumer electronics folks will be able to see it released to the public.

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