Southern U.S. Tech Firms to showcase Game Changing Technologies at CES 2015

Southern U.S Tech Firms to showcase Game Changing Technologies at CES 2015


More than 190 different technology companies are going to showcase their game changing products and services. These 190 companies are from the Southern U.S.

CEA presents a platform that allows individual and companies to present their innovative technologies. Individuals and companies across the world take part in CES, in order to get their products or services recognized. According to sources, almost 190 companies from Southern U.S are going to exhibit their products and services at the world’s gathering place for technology novelty. 

Companies from Virginia and West Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Mississippi, Maryland, Louisiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, District of Columbia, Delaware, Arkansas and Alabama will be unveiling their unique and innovative products and services. This business global gathering is produced and managed by CEA, starts on the 7th of January and will last for three days in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Phil Dumas is the president and founder of UniKey. The world’s first smart lock technology and this technology have the ability to power Kwikset Kevo. You can now replace keys on your smart phone without removing it from your pocket with the help of Kevo’s passive entry, according to Dumans.  

In addition to this, Phil said that CES 2015 is the best place for them to present their new solution that uses the concept of passive key less entry technology. He then said that, this new solution will be very useful in the vertical market such as commercial and hospitals. 

There will be more than 20 different and amazing marketplaces in 2015 International CES. These marketplaces will highlight the diverse and innovative products and services created by an individual or a company. Personal Privacy is a new marketplace that has been introduced in 2015 International CES. In this marketplace people will be educated regarding various risks that are created because of multiple interconnected gadgets.

These risks include the risk of personal identification and data theft. Also, it will explain people that products like secure apps and smart wallets can help avoid these data thefts and identity fraud. Another marketplace that has been introduced at the International CES 2015 is unmanned System Marketplace. 

Unmanned System Marketplace will permit attendees to see how unmanned Aerial Vehicles and drones are revolutionized. People will not only be able to see how companies monitor these products, but they will also be able to lend a hand. 

The president of Valencell, Dr Steve LeBoeuf said that their new PerformTek bio metric wearable technology is becoming very popular among the fitness and health sector.  He then said that, this technology is also becoming famous in the gaming industry and other responder industries because the technology has the ability to monitor heart rate with accuracy. In addition to this, he said that CES 2015 gives them the best stage to exhibit their technology. 

The conference program will feature almost 750 speakers and 250 robust sessions on technology. These sessions will include keynotes from the top executives of Daimler/Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, Intel and Ford. America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon will be the program ambassador.


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