Specs of Microsoft Lumia 940 Leaked

Specs of Microsoft Lumia 940 Leaked

Credit: PhoneArena


The phone that has a Snapdragon 805 processor, 24 MP PureView camera and WP10 has been leaked.

Microsoft have took over the Nokia Lumia brand and it seemed like the takeover was with a vengeance. Microsoft and Nokia have tried to make devices that will attract users. But still there are very few people that like to use the Lumia devices. They have tried to match iOS and Android but have failed.

Samsung started using Android in its smart phone and Apple has its own iOS for iPhones. People either like to use iPhones or they like to use Android phones. There are some limitation when you use iPhones but when you look at Android, they give you the choice to do whatever you want to do with your device.

This is why major companies like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei and Motorola started making Android devices. There are a lot of application developers for Android in the world. People thought that Microsoft and Nokia devices are going to be a hit because before smart phones, all of the world used to have Nokia devices.

People also used to have Microsoft Windows in their home personal computers. But the applications were never made for Lumia devices and this is why people have started to move away from the Microsoft Lumia devices.

Microsoft is trying to change the game by bringing in high end specs for their devices and now we can see that the Microsoft Lumia 940 is going to be equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 805. This is said to be the best smart phone processor in the world.

The phone also has a 24MP PureView camera. The camera is going to be able to capture 4K video recording with 60fps. It also has a front 5MP camera that shoots video in 1080p. The phone also has a Quad HD screen. The size of the screen is 5”.

The size of the screen is small so that it draws less current from the battery. The phone has a Gorilla Glass 4 protective screen sheet. This edition hasn’t even been announced by the company yet. The phone also has 3GB of RAM. This means that the phone is never going to go slow.

You can also play any type of game on this phone and it won’t run slow. Although playing games on phones that have snapdragon processors has never been good. The main reason for that is the phones get really hot and you aren’t even able to put the phone in your pocket.

saw this happen to Samsung S4. Plus the snapdragon processors draw a lot of charge from the battery. The will only weigh 149 grams. The phone will also have the latest Windows Mobile OS which is the Windows Phone 10. The phone has a USB 3.0. The phone will come with Adreno 420 which is good for gaming.

Source: PhoneArena

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