Stacey Dash Wants Ebola Centers All Across US

Stacey Dash Wants Ebola Centers All Across US

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Stacey Dash thinks that it would be wise if there were Ebola quarantine centers all across the United States cities.

Ebola is the latest disease to hit the US. It is very weird how many diseases hit the United States. Currently the new Ebola disease is creating fear among citizens and they all want to know how they can stop it. 

People also want to know how they can counter this disease. Stacey Dash came up with an idea which actually makes sense. She says that the US should establish quarantine centers in every city of the US. 

Stacey Dash who works at Fox Network, was at the Outnumbered show where she talked about her concern for the disease. She said that there should be special centers for the disease in every state so that everyone is prepared. 

She wants the government not to wait for the disease to hit different states and then act on it. She wants the government to start work on this disease so that people wouldn’t face the problem and so that the US can stop the disease at its roots. 

Stacey Dash said that the main reason why people should go to special quarantined centers is because they don’t have to go to regular hospitals. If they go to regular hospitals, they could be assisting the disease to spread. 

Stacy also said that the government should act quickly to train people about the disease so that they can tackle it. Special centers with specialized people, will be good to tackle the disease. 

People who have go to the quarantined areas wouldn’t be spreading the disease and this is a good way to contain the disease. People are really disappointed by the government because the government still hasn’t appointed a surgeon general for the Ebola disease. 

Currently the CDC director is being forced to fill in two roles. Stacey Dash said that they needed a surgeon general very quickly and that the government should divert its attention towards controlling the Ebola disease in the United States.

Source: Eurweb

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