Star Wars Christmas Lights Video Goes Viral

Star Wars Christmas Lights Video Goes Viral

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  • A music teacher and director Tom BetGeorge has arranged a Christmas light show featuring the nine Star Wars tracks.

Mr. BetGeorge spent ten hours per a minute of music and lighting. After he posted the five minute video on YouTube, he got 2.7 million views. He has arranged the show to raise money for the poor and needy through his church.

So Christmas light shows have become a popular tradition over the past few years. It’s not just the neighbors, townsfolk and neighboring town people who are going to enjoy the show. It’s the whole world watching on You Tube.

When Tom BetGeorge, a music teacher and music director, started to work on a light show that was really amazing and unique, his key motivation was to raise money for the needy and the poor through his church.

The foundation for his light show is his own bungalow in Bay Area, California. He designed a Star Wars Christmas Lights show comprising of a 7 feet guitar, a 19 feet keyboard and solo set of drums. The set features 100,000 lights with handcrafted props and 12,500 wiring channels around his bungalow.

The teacher said that he worked during the hours when other people are sleeping. He spent ten hours worth of work per each minute of music. He used the Light-O-Rama program to synchronize the music with lights.

His first dedication is to George Lucas’ Star Wars themed music which features nine tracks. He has an eight songs collection for the show including Let it Go sung by Idina Menzel for the Disney animated movie Frozen. He is also trying to synchronize his favorite song, Daft Punk by Pentatonix. 

He features the Star Wars Christmas Lights show for most nights from 6 to 10 pm that is if the weather permitting.  He recorded a five minutes video and posted it on YouTube on Monday and it has gone viral. Almost 3 million people have watched the video already and the number is climbing around the world. 

Mr. BetGeorge is asking the viewers to donate money for the poor and needy through his local church. He has encouraged Star Wars Christmas Lights show viewers to donate for the church’s online dining line as well. It has been this charitable spirit that has his neighbors in a very cooperative mood with his light show.

They appreciate his efforts to raise money for the poor and needy and BetGeorge admits they have been really patient through the lights and music. He tries not to disturb the neighbors with the lights and music in return for their patience. 

While giving interview to various media persons he said many of the traditions are not actually Christmas related but we still do it. He is humbled by the response he has gotten for his show and he requested people to donate money for his church’s cause. 

Watch below Star Wars Christmas Lights Show Video.

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