Star Wars Trailer becomes the Most Popular Video on YouTube. Why?

Star Wars Trailer becomes the Most Popular Video on YouTube
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer had the highest viewership in the first week of its release.

It had 58.2 million views in its first week alone.
Celebs also expressed their views on social media.

After much controversy surrounding the release of the trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens; it was released in multiple theaters across the US and also on Apple’s iTunes. After the initial bustle died down, it was released for worldwide view on YouTube. The 88 minute teaser definitely made its mark on the world’s most popular video search engine. 

According to Zefr, a technology firm, the teaser trailer for the movie released on YouTube on 28th November, the day after Thanksgiving. The video has since then had 58.2 million views in its initial week. The fans have been raving about the first glance of their favorite franchise. It is a phenomenon that people have been desperately waiting for.

The trailer features an action sequence in the desert where multiple characters, human and alien are halfway between making a run and preparing to attack. With enough dose of characters, mayhem and action, the serious dub over with the finishing at the ghostly appearance of Darth Vader and a double red Saber (how cool did that thing look!).

The ending featured the Star Wars logo with The Force Awakens title merging out slowly and the Star Wars soundtrack playing. It was like we were back in 1981 viewing the original trilogy, only so much better.

You can sense the urgency and excitement of the fans by their comments on YouTube, Vevo and Vimeo. The trailer has already been reviewed and criticized by multiple online websites. All the videos are available on the link for the trailer.

George Lucas also made a funny clip incorporating the teaser and ended it with the “Coming hopefully depressingly soon” which was a laugh knowing it is not due until December next year. 

The celebrities also expressed their nerdy side on Twitter by posting their comments about the teaser. Anna Kendrick said that no words or emojis can express what she felt when she watched the teaser.

Stephen Colbert actually said that he was a Die Hard fan of the Star Wars, then to compensate Die Hard, he showed the intensity of his fanaticism by saying he was a Star Wars fan of Die Hard(lol).

Jimmy Fallon as a public speaker took a critical view of the whole teaser. He joked that most people didn’t last five seconds out of 88 minutes worth of Star Wars awesomeness. What way Jimmy meant it is still to be determined but the guy watched it and even took the time to say something about it.

Jaime King posted the original teaser and said that she wanted everyone to see the original content but for Star Wars, he could thrive on every bit of pictures and clips like any other fan.

Mayim Balik said that she could not wait for the movie to release already and criticized the lack of understanding among others about her eagerness.

Colin Hanks simply commented that the teaser was killer but it was Josh Gad who came out bursting. He literally expressed being in tears as the teaser went on.

To re-live every iconic feature of the Star Wars franchise including the Light Saber and the Millennium Falcon seemed to make him cry with excitement. What was more amazing was the celebrity Twitter posts provided the fans to discuss it even more.

The teaser has definitely beaten the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer which is a 2 minutes long trailer. The Avengers scored 50.6 million views after it was released before the Star Wars teaser and held the record for most views. The Jurassic Park trailer which was released on 25th November has dropped after being beaten by Avengers and now Star Wars. It has 53.9 million views since its release. 

J.J. Abrams and Disney have been successful in creating an environment for the fans to receive the teaser whole heartedly and the fans have not disappointed by viewing the video. The man whose voice we listen in this new Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer is none other than Andy Serkis.

The film will be released on 18th December, 2015 and Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford will be reprising their roles Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo. Accompanying them would be stars; Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Max von Sydow, John Boyega and Andy Serkis and British newbies Daisy Ridley and Pip Andersen. 

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