Stephanie McMahon answers a Few Questions

Stephanie McMahon:  WWE has a Zero Tolerance Policy for Domestic Abuse

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  • Stephanie McMahon reveals WWE’s policy against domestic violence.
  • WWE has zero tolerance for domestic abuse.
  • Misconduct can result in immediate suspension and termination.

WWE chief brand officer, Stephanie McMahon, who belongs to one of the most famous and powerful families in pro wrestling, recently sat down to answer a few questions regarding the world she lives in.

Yup! The McMahons are at the top of their game alright! The WWE has progressed and evolved with the times. The baton got passed form Vince McMahon Senior to Vince McMahon Junior. And there was an era of trash talking and bad attitudes in between. 

The fans of professional wrestling however had to put up with that willy-nilly. There might be a time in the future when the head of the whole setup will be none other than Vince’s daughter, that is daddy’s little girl, Stephanie McMahon

Half the time, Stephanie is with her hubby “Triple H” doing the rounds, while the rest of the time she is in the administration governing the working of the humongous entertainment factory that is the WWE. 

Stephanie is looking forward to rejoining the ranks of competitors in the ring after a lengthy time away from that sort of activity. About her recent match, she said that she had to explain the whole sequence to her daughters. 

That was because it looked to them like their mama was getting hurt very badly when in fact it was all just a load of stunts being performed in the ring. She said that her husband, the wrestler Triple H, was the greatest of all times. 

He had fought such formidable opponents as Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker in his heyday. When she was asked if she liked to play the bad guy on screen, she agreed and spoke of how it was a whole lot of fun. 

Stephanie also made it crystal clear in the interview that her firm had a zero tolerance policy as regards domestic abuse and would suspend any wrestlers who were up to such foul behavior. 

“We have a zero tolerance policy for domestic abuse,” McMahon told Yahoo! Sports. “Upon arrest for such misconduct, our Superstars are immediately suspended, and should there be a conviction, that Superstar or Diva would be terminated.”

As for the content in the future, it would be limited ads for the WWE. Wrestlemania would continue though since it was the main cash cow that the WWE had in its arsenal. Furthermore, the relation between Total Divas and the WWE platform was explored too. 

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