Stephen Collins demands a Huge Amount from his Wife for Molestation Recording

Stephen Collins demands a Huge Amount from his Wife for Molestation Recording



The wife of the 7th Heaven Star actor, Stephen Collins, caught his confession that he had sex with underage girls while secretly recording him.

Stephen Collins has admitted that he had sex with underage girls and his wife caught his confession as she recorded the revolting confession. Now Stephen Collins is asking for $1 million from his wife because she had secretly recorded him. His wife later on leaked the confession according to Page Six.

The couple was at therapy and his wife recorded Stephen Collins admitting that he had sex with girls as young as 11 years. According to TMZ, this whole fiasco has turned Stephen’s life upside down. Now both of them want a divorce. The divorce trial has been postponed and now the trial is going to be held in January.

The decision of postponing the hearing was held at the LA Superior court. The judge approved a motion that permitted Grant’s lawyer to withdraw from the case. Judge Mark Juhas ordered the hearing to be delayed until 5th January. This will give Grant time to find a new lawyer.

The decision to postpone the trial came just hours before the proceedings were about to start. Judge Scott Gordon allowed Grant’s lawyer to resign from the case. The trial will now be held on 5th January. Until then Faye Grant will have to find a new lawyer for the case.

Faye Grant’s lawyer said that he had a conflict with Stephen Collins ex-wife and he can’t represent her anymore. Larry Ginsberg’s motion was approved by the judge and now the trial has been postponed. On Wednesday when the judge decided to postpone the trail, the couple were about to start discussion about their assets and how it should be divided.

The judge was also going to decide the spousal support Stephen Collins would have to give to Faye Grant. Collins is claiming that his wife has ruined her career and that she doesn’t deserve any spousal support. While on the other hand, Grant believes that she should get $13,000 a month.

The couple were married for 27 years and they filed for a divorce in 2012. While on the other hand Stephen Collins thinks that he should get $1 million dollar from Grant for ruining his career. Stephen Collins says that he can’t get work anymore because of this whole situation.

Stephen wants a million dollars out of her share of the community property which was valued around $14 million. Faye’s lawyer also had a fee dispute with Faye Grant and that is why he didn’t want to represent her anymore.

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