Stylus pen could come with iPad Pro

Stylus pen could come with iPad Pro

Could be an optional accessory

With Apple already looking at a big year with the Apple Phone and the 12 inch MacBook Air rumored to be hitting the market, things just could not be any brighter for the company. Another item that is rumored to be hitting the market in the future from Apple is the iPad Pro. It is said to be a bigger 12.9 inch screen and with its bigger size will be more of an enticing draw to more commercial use. Expert analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities says that the new iPad Pro could also come with a Stylus pen. While Apple filed a patent for such a pen back in 2010, Kuo says that Apple will need to find an overall and accepted function for the pen and the company will have to do just that. Kuo believes that consumer feedback will decide if this pen will come with the iPad Pro or if it will be an optional accessory.

Kuo says that no doubt that a Stylus pen is more convenient in some cases to a mouse and a keyboard. The only thing he is worried about is that if the pen is stock with the iPad Pro that it could drive the cost of the device too high for all consumers to be able to afford. Because of this possible scenario, Kuo thinks that the pen will be an optional accessory. As far as what the new Apple Stylus pen will look like, one thing for sure is that it will have a lightning and wireless charging ability. Kuo believes eventually that the pen will have a 3D handwriting ability which will allow for people to be able to write on any surface and even in the air if they wanted to.

At the current time, the iPad Pro is set to have a release sometime during the second or third quarter of this year. Apple has been working on the Stylus technology for the past five years and have filed several patents concerning its use and functionality over that period of time. Still, with all the latest news concerning the Apple Watch and 12 inch MacBook Air, a release of the iPad Pro and a Stylus pen with it would certainly make 2015 one of the banner years in the history of Apple.

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