Suge Knight kills Man by driving Truck over him

Suge Knight kills Man by driving Truck over him

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Rap Mogul, Suge Knight killed a man by driving his truck over him. It was an intentional act and he is sought by the police for homicide.

The Rap Mogul and erstwhile founder of Death Row Records (alongside Dr. Dre), Suge Knight, has had many run-ins with the law. The famous rapper, Tupac Shakur was with him when he was gunned down by unidentified men.

Till this day, Tupac’s death remains a mystery. Suge also was sentenced to several months in prison for everything from drug dealing to hitting an attendant. Last time he got in trouble was in August when he was shot.

The man is a walking time bomb that could explode in fury any moment and he has attracted quite a few enemies in the process. Some moments back, Suge Knight drove his truck to the site where the shooting of Straight Outta Compton was taking place.

Among the people present at the location /4/be included: Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and The Game. Suge was told to leave the premises and not interfere in the ongoings of the shooting. That is when the trouble started.

There was a verbal altercation and finally when Suge left things settled down. Two men connected to the incident went for some snacks at a local burger joint just a few furlongs away. There Suge was waiting for them in his truck and ran over one of them in his vehicle killing him in the process while the other one was severely injured.

The police are on his case and looking high and low for Suge. According to TMZ, Suge’s lawyer has already said that Suge will hand himself over to the police soon. Meanwhile, one of the men who was 55 years old and named Terry Carter is no more with us.

Such a tragic death reminds one of the way many people like Suge Knight are unaware of the consequences of their actions. He could have talked it out with the men instead of reacting in such a violent manner.

Suge fell out with Dr. Dre a long time ago. He is a big burly man known for his bad temper. The fact is however that this time he went too far and actually murdered an innocent man in cold blood. Suge will probably be serving a long prison sentence. Maybe then he will have plenty of time to think over his dirty deeds and where they landed him!  


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