Super Bowl 2015 Ads

The Super Bowl 2015 Ads are materializing. See below the 2015 Super Bowl Ads line-up.

The Super Bowl 2015 will take place on February 1, 2015 in Arizona. The Super Bowl 2015 Ads list is already filling up and we know that Katy Perry will perform the Super Bowl 2015 half-time show. What we do not know is which NFL teams will play in the Big Game.

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The Super Bowl 2015 Ads are the most expensive yet. NBC is charging $4.5 million for a 30 second spot. There are about 60 Super Bowl 2015 Ads. As every year we tracking all Super Bowl commercials in our Super Bowl Ads List. Follow the links to learn about all the details we know about each listed Super Bowl ad.

Super Bowl 2015 Ads

American Family Super Bowl Ad

The insurance will be back in the Super Bowl 2015 ad line-up, but likely not nation-wide again.

Anheuser-Busch InBev Super Bowl Ads

Budweiser and Bud Light Super Bowl ads are again in the ad line-up for the Super Bowl 2015. After all Budweiser is the exclusive beer brand of the Super Bowl. The 6-year contract began in 2011. Anheuser-Busch InBev is confirmed to run three 60 seconds Super Bowl 2015 ads. The three Anheuser-Busch Super Bowl commercials include the Budweiser Super Bowl 2015 Ad Lost Dog, Bud Light Super Bowl 2015 Ad Coin and Budweiser Super Bowl 2015 Ad King of Beers.

Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl Ad

The Avocados from Mexico is the first fresh food Super Bowl ad of all time. Be sure to buy some Avocados before the Big Game, you sure grave for Guacamole after the Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl 2015 ad airs.

BMW Super Bowl Ad

The BMW Super Bowl 2015 Ad features the all-electric BMW i3. BMW is back in the Super Bowl Ad chart after a 4 year break.

Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Lost Dog

The Budweiser Super Bowl 2015 Ad titled Lost Dog will be a sequel to the winning Super Bowl ad of last year Puppy Love. The ad will have Clydesdales.

Budweiser Super Bowl Ad King of Beers

The second Budweiser Super Bowl 2015 ad will highlight the quality of Budweiser.

Bud Light Super Bowl Ad

The Bud Light Super Bowl 2015 Ad will be titled Coin and will show a Bud Light drinker entering a life-size Pac-Man game.

Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl Ad

The Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl Ad stars super sexy model Charlotte McKinney and promotes the new All-Naturel Burger.

Carnival Super Bowl Ad

Carnival Cruises will for the first time run a Super Bowl ad. 

Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad

The Coca-Cola Super Bowl 2015 ad will be 60 seconds long. Let’s see if the brand manages to run a Superbowl ad that is raising a controversy.

Discover Super Bowl Ad

Discover Credit Card is back in the Super Bowl Ad Line-up after a 29 year break. 

Doritos Super Bowl Ads

Doritos runs again the Crash the Super Bowl competition. The genius competition gets Doritos funny ads and tons of media and social exposure during the competition leading up to the Super Bowl.

Dove Super Bowl Ad

Dove is back after a 5 year break with a new Dove Men Care Super Bowl 2015 commercial.

Esurance Super Bowl Ad

Esurance made a big splash last year with a post Big Game ad. The new Esurance Super Bowl 2015 Ad is reportedly staring Lindsay Lohan.

Fast & Furious Supercharged Super Bowl Ad

Universtal Studios Hollywood will air a Super Bowl ad in the pregame coverage for the new Fast & Furious Supercharged thrill ride.

Fiat Chrysler Super Bowl Ads

Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) will have three Super Bowl ads in the Big Game. 

GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad

The GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad Journey Home stars a cute puppy. Gone are the times that GoDaddy Super Bowl Ads had hot girls in racy outfits.

Heinz Super Bowl Ad

We found evidence that Heinz returns again to Super Bowl Ad line-up.

Jublia Super Bowl Ad

Pharma company Valeant runs a toenail fungus remedy Super Bowl ad. The Jublia Super Bowl 2015 Ad will air in the 3rd quarter.

Lexus Super Bowl Ad

The Lexus Super Bowl 2015 Ad is the second ever Super Bowl commercial for Toyota’s luxury brand. The Lexus Super Bowl 2015 Ad has already been released online. It is the first Super Bowl commercial released online ahead of Super Bowl 2015.

Loctite Super Bowl Ad

The Loctite Super Bowl 2015 Ad is the first Super Bowl ad for the glue brand.

McDonald’s Super Bowl Ad

McDonald’s is rumored to advertise during the Big Game and not just in the Super Bowl pre-game broadcast. McDonald’s business is slumping. The McDonald’s Super Bowl 2015 Ad is seen to be an attempt to rekindle sales.

Merceces-Benz Super Bowl Ad

The Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl 2015 Ad got already confirmed early November. This marks the 3rd time the German Car maker will advertise in the Super Bowl.

Microsoft Super Bowl Ad

Microsoft will for the second time advertise during the Super Bowl. The Microsoft Super Bowl 2015 Ad will continue to feature inspiring stories of how technology helps people from last year.

Mophie Super Bowl Ad

Mobile battery case maker Mophie is a newcomer to the Super Bowl. The Mophie Super Bowl Ad will be created by Deutsch LA, the creative agency behind famous Volkswagen Super Bowl Ads.

Nationwide Super Bowl Ad

Nationwide Insurance is coming back to the Super Bowl Ad line-up after a 8 year break.

NBC Super Bowl Ads

NBC will air several ads to promote their programs including NASCAR, The Voice and The Blacklist

Nissan Super Bowl Ad

Nissan is making a comeback to the Super Bowl ads list after a 18-year break. The Nissan Super Bowl ad is celebrating Dads like Toyota and Dove.

Pepsi Super Bowl Ad

Pepsi is sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show again. We expect that there will also be a Pepsi Super Bowl 2015 Ad along the sponsorship.

Skittles Super Bowl Ad

The Skittles Super Bowl 2015 Ad marks the first Super Bowl ad for the candy brand.

Snickers Super Bowl Ad

Snickers is coming back to the Super Bowl ads line-up in 2015. The last Snickers Super Bowl commercial ran in 2011. The You’re Not You When You’re Hungry campaign got started with the legendary 2010 Snickers Super Bowl Ad staring Betty White. Danny Trejo stars in the Snickers Super Bowl 2015 Ad as Marcia Brady from the Brady Bunch.

SquareSpace Super Bowl Ad

Web development platform SquareSpace advertises again in the Super Bowl after debuting last year. The new Squarespace ad stars Jeff Bridges.

Toyota Super Bowl Ad

Toyota will come back to the Super Bowl 2015 ads line-up and will feature Amy Purdy and the 2015 Toyota Camry in the Toyota Super Bowl ad.

TurboTax Super Bowl Ad

TurboTax is back again after debuting in the Super Bowl ad line-up last year.

Ucool Super Bowl Ad

Mobile Game Developer Ucool will run a Super Bowl 2015 Ad for their hit game Heroes Charge.

Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl Ad

Lingerie label Victoria’s Secret is back in the Super Bowl Ad Line-Up after a 7-year break. The Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl 2008 ad staring Adriana Lima was the sexiest Super Bowl ad of all time.

WeatherTech Super Bowl Ad

Car floor mat maker WeatherTech will be back with a Super Bowl 2015 ad after debuting last year with a well done ad.

Weight Watchers Super Bowl Ad

The Weightwatchers Super Bowl 2015 Ad is the first for the company. Super Bowl Ad is a web site development company out of Israel with 58m users. You guessed right. The Super Bowl 2015 Ad will be the first for the internet company. goes full in and hires five NFL legends to star in the Wix Superbowl ad.

Super Bowl 2015 Ad Trailers

See all Super Bowl 2015 Movie Trailers 

Many Super Bowl 2015 Ads have been already released. Watch all released Super Bowl 2015 Ads now in our Super Bowl 2015 Ad gallery.

About Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl Ads last year reportedly did not perform well. The most unsuccessful commercials have been from car makers. Measured on brand awareness and purchase intent the Super Bowl 2014 ads performed below average according to a Communicus survey. If we take a look at last year’s Superbowl ads it is actually no surprise. The Super Bowl commercials did not stand out that much anymore from TV commercials you can see all year round with a few exceptions.

Super Bowl advertisers need to up their game for Super Bow 2015 to not mess up the reputation of Super Bowl Ads. The Super Bowl Ad line-up needs to include the funniest, most outrageous, sexiest (I still hope that sexy superbowl ads make a comeback), most emotional and action-richest ads of the year. 

We cover Super Bowl ads since many years and despite Super Bowl ad slots getting more expense the quality of the Super Bowl ads decline. Even the huge number of celebrities appearing in Super Bowl ads last year has not helped quality. Some brands lost interest that delivered several of the best Super Bowl ads of past years including Volkswagen. 

This makes room for newcomers who have a fresh shot at Super Bowl commercials. It is a risky undertaking, but a small company betting its entire annual marketing budget into a Super Bowl ad can take that company to the next level.

It has apparently worked for SquareSpace. The web development platform is back again this year. The first SquareSpace Super Bowl ad last year must have worked. It even triggered the competition to join the Super Bowl Ad line-up this year. will challenge SquareSpace with its own Super Bowl 2015 ad.

The excitement is building for the Super Bowl 2015 ads. Let’s hope we are not getting disappointed.

Watch the Super Bowl 2015 Ads online now in the most complete Super Bowl 2015 Ad video gallery on the web.

I4U News will again bring you full coverage of the Super Bowl 2015 Ads.

The Super Bowl 2015 will take place on February 1, 2015 in Arizona. The Super Bowl XLIX game will be played in the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. NBC is broadcasting the Super Bowl 2015. The Super Bowl 2015 Halftime Show will be performed by Katy Perry. The constantly updated Super Bowl Ads List is tracking all 2015 Super Bowl Ads.

Check out our Super Bowl 2015 Dates, Times and FAQ Guide for everything you need to know about the Super Bowl XLIX. Also find out how to watch the Superbowl online.

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