Super Bowl Commercials 2015: Facebook takes on Twitter in selling Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl Commercials 2015: Facebook takes on Twitter in selling Super Bowl Ads

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Twitter has been leading the market in selling ads according to audience demographics. Facebook will also use their status information and likes to help companies target the most suitable Super Bowl ads towards the audience.

As the world has stepped into the age of social media, the world has advanced into it. Everything that was media oriented is upgrading to social media. Where the TV ads slots were extensively bought on TV rosters, the bigger companies usually bought out the smaller companies and representation was challenged. 

All of that has changed since social media has arrived. Nowadays all events are being recorded extensively on social media. The experience for every event has become personalized for all events. In America and Canada, one of such events is the NFL Super Bowl which has about a hundred million fans. The sporting event has received a lot of buzz on social media sites and it was not long before the companies were attracted to put up their advertisements where they were sure to be seen. Toyota and similar companies have actually developed ads especially for social media which are specific and concise.  

Twitter has been leading the market in advertisement innovation. They have already taken the lead on online advertisement while other companies are still trying to catch on. Back in 2013, Mondelez International’s Oreo used the lights out time to send some speedy tweets. Many considered it to be a marketing coup but it actually worked.

Twitter has since then improved its technique by target marketing. That is that the website users are given advertisements according to their interests provided in their tweeting content. This way, the users only receive the ads of the products they are interested in seeing. This year Twitter has created war rooms in 13 companies from where the staff will be responding according to the demands of the viewers. The companies will be putting on the spot lawyers to approve material from their respective companies, even unplanned material as Twitter indicated. 

Facebook has also decided to step into the game. Eleven Inc’s head of social media Maura Tuohy outlined that Facebook has fought a popular notion that people don’t use Facebook which is hard to believe because people are talking about their favorite shows on Facebook all the time and hence, they are easier to reach in that relevance.

Noah Mallin, head of social for North America at MEC expressed that Twitter is an exceedingly successful platform for the online advertisements but it lacks the target marketing practicality and sophistication that Facebook can provide. Facebook has taken the lead in online advertisement for its users in the last year. Where the reviews highlighted that the users were actually using Facebook less, the advertisement charts were sky high. 

Taking this as motivation, Facebook steps in with Twitter, Hulu, YouTube and other social media sites to advertise multiple ads pre-game, during game and post game analysis. 

On February 1st, while people will be following the game on TV and their pads and smart phones while using their social media sites, Facebook will run live ads in its news feed. The specialty about the advertisement will of course be target marketing, only better.

The advertisements will be targeted to the audience according to their status information, demographic details, likes and comments. Facebook will use its iconic advertisement skills to post ads for each viewer that it can reach thus creating an extensive market for all companies.  

Source: Reuters

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