Susan Boyle has a Medico Boyfriend at Last

Susan Boyle has a Medico Boyfriend at Last

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Susan Boyle has nabbed a boyfriend at last and he is a medico.

Susan Boyle has found the love she always wanted but could not get. And that too at the late age of 53. Susan Boyle’s boyfriend happens to be a doctor. The singer met the Yankee physician on the occasion of her US tour.

According to Susan, he was the ideal troubadour. Susan Boyle (also known as SuBo) has reportedly never been smooched by any member of the opposite sex but that is no longer her status. She had a very hearty lunch with her new beau and he has full plans to visit her home in Scotland.

SuBo admitted that it was still too premature to say anything but she was keeping her fingers crossed. She has kept mum about the whole matter and has only divulged this much that he is the same age as her and is a very decent and sober fellow.

The rest of the inside information is being kept under wraps for now. Susan Boyle /4/be recognized from Britain’s Got Talent. She sold more than 20 million pounds worth of CDs. She had been promoting her album across the Atlantic since the past half a year or so. And now she has returned to her native Scotland.  

Susan is an Aspie (she has Asperger’s Syndrome). She /4/have suffered from this due to the oxygen deprivation which took place during her birth many years ago. Her form of autism is not really a handicap. It is the same as was suffered by many genius figures in history including the one and only Albert Einstein.

Susan said that with her disease she felt that wherever she went people were looking at her. She has revealed that she can now control her eccentric behavior by departing from the scene. That is the only way she can prevent a showdown. She is glad that she finally found a boyfriend after years of loneliness. He will surely keep her fulfilled and happy.

While Susan has led a lonely life, she is a very famous personality due to her talent which is singing. The disease she suffers from is a high end functioning autism so that there are great perks besides the social handicaps.

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez spoke of how weird it felt not to have a boyfriend at present while SuBo had one.

While Selena is super sexy and at the height of her fame, SuBo is rather overweight and not as well-known. Yet there you have it; you cannot hurry love! If it is there, it is there without any reason. And if it is not there, it is not there no matter what you might do! 

Source: The Sun via Mirror and DailyMail

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