Taraji P. Henson publicly apologizes to Cops for Racial Profiling Allegations

Taraji P. Henson publicly apologizes to Cops for Racial Profiling Allegation

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Taraji P. Henson regretted her outrageous reaction at the police profiling her son. She posted an apology on Instagram and said that she had over-reacted.

Taraji Henson has apologized via social online media regarding her comments about a racial profiling of her son Marcel. She passed some very biting and acerbic remarks when the cops booked her son and gave him a ticket.

The video clip of the October 18th incident, obtained by the Los Angeles Times, showed very candidly that there was no racial profiling involved at all. So much for Taraji’s overblown attitude and blustering speech.

The middle-aged Empire actress is now making amends by saying how sorry she is for her exaggerated reaction to the incident. Taraji wrote on Instagram that she would like to apologize to the officer and and the entire police department for the mean comments she passed awhile back concerning them.

She said that as a mother she felt concerned for her son and she understood the difficult position of the police officers. She also said that many times people talk without having gathered complete information about the event that had transpired. She in fact thanked the particular police officer for being extra nice to her 20 year old son.  

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Taraji had earlier spoken some very negative things about the cops who had pulled over his son. She said in February in an interview with Uptown magazine that her son had been racially profiled and that he had fully cooperated with the authorities and they had still slapped him with a ticket.She said that they had no right to search his vehicle and had also acted in a wrong manner.

“I was deeply disturbed to read news reports about a prospective student who felt profiled on or near campus because of his race. We encourage reporting of allegations of bias, and I hope for the opportunity to have a conversation with the young man and his mother,” Glendale Police Chief John Thomas told THR recently.

“I would like to look into this matter further and better understand who was involved and what took place. As someone who personally experienced racial profiling as a teenager, I have a stake in learning more about this incident and doing all I can to reach a just resolution.”

The video makes the matter much more clearer. Her son actually possessed marijuana and so he was given a ticket for that particular offense instead of a traffic violation.

It seems that Taraji had let her bossy mama intuition gain an upper hand. And the fact that she should have thought out her words before she blurted them prove that everyone ought to mind their language in today’s civilized society.

Taraji had said that she had stopped her son from attending university after the event had occurred. She termed the whole procedure of law a bogus one. The video footage however proved that her son was let off the hook with a much smaller penalty than he should have normally been awarded with.

Thus some things are misconstrued by our society’s role models which is a sad fact. Well, now that Taraji has said her sorries, everything is back to being swell.   


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