Taylor Swift Albums disappear from Spotify’s Rival YouTube Music Key

Taylor Swift Albums disappear from Spotify’s Rival YouTube Music Key

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  • Taylor Swift already pulled her music from Spotify.
  • She pulled her albums from YouTube Music Key Streaming Service too?

People who thought that they would be getting free music form the new YouTube music key service, won’t be getting any of the Taylor’s albums.

Swift’s fellow musician Billy Bragg has been criticizing Taylor for quite some time now and every time he has said that the singer has sold her soul to Google. He said that because now Swift has made her albums available in Youtube’s new Music Key service. But it seems like Taylor’s back catalogue isn’t going to be featuring in the new service.

When you are going to search for Taylor Swift in the Music Key streaming service, you won’t be seeing any albums tab whereas when you search for any other star like for instance, Beyoncé, you are going to see two tabs. One tab is going to take you to her albums and the other one is going to take the users to her top tracks.

Billy Braggs took his criticism to Facebook and said that Taylor should be honest with her fans. He also said that she should say her sorry and should tell her fans that she took millions in order to make herself the headline name on the marquee for the launch of the streaming service. He also said that music shouldn’t be free.

He said that she should remove her material from Youtube and shouldn’t be making money off it. A lot of people want to know how Braggs got the information that Taylor had made a deal with Google. Billy Braggs also reminded of her dispute with Spotify.

He said that Taylor’s albums were made available through Spotify’s latest rival. This rival is Google’s new Youtube Music Key. When Billy Braggs was making the accusations, all of his allegations were true but recently Taylor’s back catalogue were made accessible through Music Key on 12th November.

Some journalists from London were called and they were demonstrated that Taylor’s back catalogue is available on the service. Big Machine who represent Taylor Swift were asked some questions about why she didn’t make her albums accessible on Youtube’s new service, but they never responded.

Taylor and Big Machine had previously made it clear that their music is not going to be available on free music streaming services. And that is the exact reason why Taylor removed her tracks from Spotify. But Spotify recently claimed that they made a huge profit this year.

Taylor must be kicking herself for removing her music from the service as Spotify unveiled record turnover. Some years ago Apple’s iTunes service was the big leader in the music streaming service market.

Spotify has worked really hard over the past few years and now a majority of Europe uses Spotify. Taylor gave an interview to Yahoo and she said that she didn’t agree with perpetuating the perception that music has no value and should be free. So we can clearly see that Taylor is here to make some big bucks and she will do everything in her power to do so.

Source: Guardian

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