Taylor Swift becomes a Platinum Wonder

Taylor Swift becomes a Platinum Wonder

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  • 1989 sold a million copies in its first week.
  • The sales made Taylor the single star to make three million sales in the first week for three consecutive albums.

“Blank Space” is probably the next single to be featured as a video

Music industry witnessed history as Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 sold a million copies in its first week. The exact number is 1.287 million and this made Taylor the only star to near Eminem’s The Eminem Show which sold a few more.

It definitely made Taylor the star to have sold million copies for three consecutive years. That is 3 million copies alone in the first weeks of her albums. This finally revived the dying trends of selling albums for any star in this modern world of streaming.

Taylor not only made an album that was titled 1989, she promoted and marketed the album as it was 1989. Taylor was in Japan when she made musical history but she was open to talk about the album’s success on the phone. She was happy first and foremost.

She said that she always had to keep her expectations in check but she couldn’t help being ambitious. She always thought she could sell a million albums and she could just keep her million album streak going after Red. She had to keep telling herself to keep her hopes down but her fans made all her dreams come true.

Industry experts predicted 1989 would sell 650k first week. You went and bought 1.287 million albums. AND IT’S GOT ME LIKE:

Une vidéo publiée par Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) le

Taylor definitely had strategies while making the album. This was her first attempt at completely withdrawing from her country rock music genre. It was a pop album that Taylor had great ambitions for. She said that she felt like you shouldn’t make a painting and anyone can walk, take it off and call it theirs.

That’s almost the correct way to describe it when it comes to the new trends of live streaming of the music. She said that she had been staking blogs and trying to anticipate what the audience wants. She said that she understands that music trends are changing across the world and she couldn’t actually say for sure what people were expecting.

She had all these ideas coming to her in the middle of the day or the middle of the night which she knew she had to implement. She was never sure whether it would work but this was absolutely her first time she was entirely responsible for her own album. She was motivated by the fact that albums should be sold not streamed online. She co-wrote an op-eds for the Wall Street Journal about music being available commercially. Her dad even said that if she had written that piece, she definitely had something to prove.

Hi, Tokyo!

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So Taylor strategize every move that was made to make this album a complete commercial success. The first move was the Secret Sessions parties which she frequently shared with her fans on social media.

The other step included taking off her entire catalogue from Spotify. Many criticized the decision but to make the album a hit, it had to be made rare according to Taylor. She said that her fans didn’t disappoint and made her the proud star to sell a million albums worldwide.

The speculation now is to what songs on the albums are going to be the hit singles after “Shake it Off”? Style was a probable shoo-in but Blank Space is hitting the charts with full force.

A satirical song about Taylor’s personal life perception in the tabloids, the song actually topped the iTunes chart leaving Shake it Off on number two. Taylor said that she had fun making the song and she was happy that her fans loved the song as well. 

Thank you Good Morning America, thank you to everyone who filled Times Square, thank you New York. #TS1989

Uma foto publicada por Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) em

Taylor was also pretty raved to hear about Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley opening the CMAs with their Post-Partum Taylor Swift Disorder. She said that she didn’t watch it as it happened because she was in Japan but she is super excited to see the country music world already missing her.

She saw the Swiftamine piece on SNL with her parents and she said that she enjoyed it the most especially the part saying she always looks like she’s wearing a 1950’s style swimming suit. 

The rave of 1989 is just starting and it’s just the start of the new life Taylor wants to start for herself. She is taking reigns of her own life and this is just the evidence of her new successful life. 

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