Taylor Swift corrects SAT for Wrong Lyrics

Taylor Swift corrects SAT for Wrong Lyrics

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  • Taylor Swift Lyrics are Wrong in SAT
  • Taylor Swift tells the SAT test book publisher they had one job to do

When a fan posed a question about the lyrics of Taylor’s song ‘Fifteen’ given as an example of bad grammar, she had to do something about it.

So we see it often too much that text book and review book publishers give the examples of actors and singers and their work while explaining a relevant point. The goal presumably is to relate the questions with something that the students know. 

It is not OK however to quote them to give relevance about misuse of language. A fan was kind enough to post and point out that a Princeton SAT Review book had quoted Taylor’s song ‘Fifteen’ lyrics as an example of bad gram/3/use. He captioned the picture as; I was just having an amazing time studying for the SAT and now I feel attacked, ugh thanks swift

Ouch! But according to the writer of the book, the ‘Pop lyrics are a great source of bad grammar. See if you can find the error in each of the following …’; following the script were the lyrics from the songs of different singers like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake.

Supposedly the lyrics; “Somebody tells you they love you, you got to believe ‘em.” Taylor’s first argument stands that those are not even the lyrics and rightfully so. The lyrics went something like; “Somebody tells you they love you, you’re gonna believe them.” 

Case made, the star also signified that if “Somebody” is a non-gender words, she used ‘them’ rather than ‘him/her’. Getting the lyrics wrong also seems to be such a bad example set by the publishers that Taylor re-posted the picture of the book page she has received on her Tumblr and almost mocked the publishers with the caption; ‘The lyrics are wrong. UGHHH PRINCETON REVIEWWWW’

She then went on accusing the reviewers; Not the right lyrics at all pssshhhh. You had one job, test people. One job.’ And they can’t even seem to do that right supposedly so it was as disappointing for Taylor as it was for the fan who posted it.


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