Taylor Swift Fall Video on New Year’s Eve Goes Viral

Taylor Swift Fall: Watch the Taylor Swift Fall Video Now

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  • Taylor Swift Slips and almost Falls on New Year’s Eve.

Taylor performed on the Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve event where she tripped in the stairs in front of millions of fans but shook it off quickly.

Everyone remembers Ariana Grande’s almost fall on the Christmas concert a few days back and how she continued to perform with grace and composure. Guess what? There’s another female pop singer that joined that list.

I’ll give you a hint about who she is. She is tall, blonde, extremely beautiful, inspiring and has sold millions of albums in her career. She is the one and only, Taylor Swift.

While New York and the tourists from all around the world gathered at Times Squares to welcome 2015, it was time for Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve event. The night was being hosted by Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy.

The event was made exceptionally special as Taylor made her way to the backstage down the stairs from her performance where more fans were calling for her attention. There were about a million people and as Taylor looked excitedly out to them, she climbed down the stairs. Just at the middle step, she lost her footing and tripped. 

Before she could take a fall down the stairs, she grabbed on to the rails and stood up quickly. It was embarrassing only for a moment when she recovered and smiled at the crowd and back at her security detail who might be telling her it was ok. Jennifer Lawrence tripped on her way to receive the Oscar so it’s probably not a big deal when you trip backstage. 

Taylor, as inspiring as ever, didn’t let it get to her head. She went out again to perform songs from her hit album 1989 including “Welcome to New York”, “Blank Space” and “Shake it Off”. Joining her performances were Magic! and Florida Georgia Line.

Taylor wore a sparkling black crop top, black tights with silver vertical lines along the length, black boots and silver jacket. It was freezing however and Ryan Seacrest gave her his coat to fend off the cold and asked her if she wasn’t freezing?

She said that she was cold and her wardrobe selection was wrong. She joked however that he was stripping down on a family show.

The stars welcomed the New Year and Taylor danced with Florida Georgia Line to Frank Sinatara’s classic “New York New York”. 

Hi 2015.

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Watch the Taylor Swift Fall Video below.

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