Taylor Swift: Hit Singer, Mentor and Peacemaker!

Taylor Swift: Hit Singer, Mentor and Peacemaker!

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  • Taylor Swift: The Perfect Music Idol of 2015.
  • Swift teases about ‘Style’, mentors sad fan and collaborates with West in 2015.

Taylor Swift has been extremely busy in 2015 with the release of her third single, consoling her heart-broken fans and collaborating with past enemies.

Taylor Swift (25 yrs.) was literally on top of her game in 2014. The musician’s first pop album ‘1989’ was the most sold out album of the year in 2014 with her singles ‘Shake it Off’ and ‘Blank Space’ both secured the number position on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. 

Her third single from the album is ‘Style’ and Swift has been skilfully promoting it on the social media. Swift has been teasing her fans with little glimpses of her upcoming video ‘Style’, by posting small clips on her Instagram account.

STYLE music video. Friday. #Feb13STYLE

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

The clips last for only a few seconds and depict Swift in various angelic poses. All the clips show Swift in white attire such as a white full sleeved gown, then in another a crop top with her classically trademark red ruby lipstick in place. 


A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

While recently during a promotional appearance on the Ryan Seacrest show Taylor Swift shared her thoughts about the new single ‘Style’. Swift proclaimed that ‘Style has always been her secretly favorite song because it is about ‘HOPE’. Swift further explained there is something about the way the song ‘Style’ sounds that makes her feel of hope.

Although Swift did not related on the show whether the song was about a particular someone but she did share it was about her life.  The video of the latest single will be out on Friday, 13th of February a day before Valentine’s Day. Fans have been speculating if the song is about Style or ‘Styles’ her famous ex-Harry Styles, the One Direction group member. Whether Swift is tricking everyone with the title or not she does hope that people love her song ‘Style’.


A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Posting promos on her Instagram detail is one of the many ways Taylor Swift has been using the electronic podium to socialize and communicate with her millions of fans. Music industry analysts have declared Swift’s use of the various social media platforms and her unique relationship with her fans an expert technique when it comes to promotion and amassing a following. 

During the promotional campaign for ‘1989’ Swift held several ‘1989 Secret Session’ in her various homes across U.S. In one of these secret sessions in New York, a fan named Kasey Andrew became friends with Swift. Swift told Andrew’s she would be checking up on her but Andrew’s did not believe her. However Swift started following Andrew on her Instagram and Tumblr account, and also liked and commented on Andrew’s photos.  

Recently Andrew’s went through a very bad break up and Swift was there to console her. It all started when Andrew asked for Swift’s help in a post on her Tumblr at 2:09 am on Tuesday. Andrew wrote she hopes ‘Taylor’ notices her post and she feels crumbled because her boyfriend of 4 months just texted to tell her he is breaking up with her and has also started calling her names. Swift replied back to Andrew in just a few hours and expressed her incredulity on the way Andrew’s boyfriend ended the relationship. 

Swift then posted encouraging thoughts for Andrews on her Tumblr and expressed her concern. Swift said the fact Andrew has to endure such emotional abuse is very wrong and Andrew should utilize the ‘Block’ feature on her phone in the situation. Swift even went on to say that Andrew should say goodbye and avoid her ex-boyfriend, ‘Protect yourself, Please’ was Swift’s most moving advice.  

Furthermore Swift even made the depressed Andrew a break-up playlist to lift up her spirits. The playlist included tracks such as Stay Away by Charli XCX and many more about moving on from a bad relationship. Kasey Andrew apparently recovered and thanked Swift by tagging her in a smiling photo of herself and wrote the caption ‘the smile I feel needs to be shared’.

Today has been so amazing, that the smile I feel needs to be shared. Thank you @taylorswift

A photo posted by Kasey Andrew (@kaseyandrew) on

If anybody curious how I feel about love now….

A photo posted by Kasey Andrew (@kaseyandrew) on

When Swift is not playing a mentor to millions of her fans she is seen making appearances on various award shows. On such incidence was the Grammys where Swift came face to face with Kanye West. West had infamously crashed Swift’s acceptance speech for ‘Best Music Video’ on stage during the 2009 MTV VMA’s and went on to rant about how Beyonce rightfully deserved the particular award. However during the 2015 award show Swift and West met and even smilingly posed for pictures and proved there were no hard feelings between the two due to past events. 

On Tuesday Kanye West also made an appearance on the Ryan Seacrest show and when the host asked him if West would be willing to collaborate with Swift, West answers was an affirmative.  West further explained Swift is willing to work with him and they will soon be getting together in a studio. West said he does not discriminate and believes every artist including Swift essentially loves music like him. Swift has yet to confirm the statement by West but an alliance between the two artists /4/be a possibility. 

Currently Swift has been preparing for her ‘1989’ tour that will start in /4/2015 and last till December 2015. 


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