Taylor Swift Home Video Shows her as a Baby

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Taylor Swift Home Video Shows her as a Baby


The new Taylor Swift album will be released on Oct. 27. The promotion for the album goes in over drive. An old home video from 1989 has been released that shows the first days of Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift has three songs in the top 10 iTunes charts. Welcome to New York is number one followed by Shake it Off. Her new album 1989 is unreleased but is already the top album on iTunes. 1989 will be released on October 27. 1989 is the birth year of Taylor Swift and is very personal to Swift. Now she even has released a home video that shows her first hours on earth. The home video from 1989 shows Taylor Swift as a baby and her parents. The very personal video got published on iTunes on the Taylor Swift page.

Taylor Swift has also released a couple hours ago the 1989 track list on Instagram. The 13 songs titles from 1989 are Welcome To New York, Blank Space, Style, Out of the Woods, All You Had To Do Was Stay, Shake it Off, I Wish You Would, Bad Blood, Wildest Dreams, How You Get The Girl, This Love, I Know Places and Clean.

The full track list. #TS1989

Taylor Swiftさん(@taylorswift)が投稿した写真 –

In other funny Taylor Swift news. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a track from Taylor Swift’s album 1989 containing 8 seconds of white noise topped the charts. A glitch in the iTunes system made a song appear titled “Track 3.” The white noise did not prevent Taylor Swift fans to apparently purchase the track.

The Taylor Swift Story: Taylor Alison Swift made her worldly debut in Reading, Pennsylvania. Her pops was a financial expert while mommy dearest was a housewife and marketing executive. Taylor was the curly-haired little girl with golden tresses who would grow up on a Christmas tree farm. Thus things were sugar and spice and everything nice for the small wonder. She used to remove Praying Mantis pods from the branches of trees on her farm. 

Her granny was her earliest muse who caused a passion for things acoustic in Taylor’s musical mind. Taylor’s bloodline has English, Scottish, Irish, German and a pint of Italian breeding in it. She is a very charming and graceful starlet whose best days are still ahead of her. Achieving so much acclaim and reaching the acme of perfection at such a young age is not something encountered everyday. She has always been a super-nice person and doesn’t ever carry any grudges in her heart. According to Swift, she puts all her personal pain in her songs which are chart-topping thrillers of emotional heartbreak and relational chaos. 

Taylor is from a religious family and she and her brother attended bible school. She was fond of horse riding in her youth. Her earliest poems which showed her sensitive side included a verse-loom titled “Monster in my Closet”. To this day its stanzas resemble many of her present day songs. Taylor even wrote a novel at the age of 12. Although she hasn’t published it yet, she said that it contains some very private stuff.   

Taylor made her way through the circles of musical talented souls and got her abilities and cap-abilities recognized by the world at large. Her albums topped each other one after another and she received award after award till she was a well-known name not only in America but in Asia, Africa, Australia and even Antarctica (not to mention Europe). Her songs have content and also form. They include such unforgettable numbers as “Picture to Burn”, “Should’ve said No”, “Tim McGraw”, “Teardrops on My Guitar”, “Our Song” and of course “Love Story”. 

Taylor adores among others: Rihanna, Beyonce, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Eminem. She has made many an appearance in a number of advertisements. As for her acting career it is still in its nascent stages. Her philanthropic efforts know no bounds. She has started a musical educational institute bearing her name too. Besides dating one of the Jonas Brothers, she also dated Jake Gyllenhaal. Read the full Taylor Swift Story.

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