Taylor Swift pokes Fun at Hackers

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Taylor Swift’s twitter and Instagram accounts got hacked but after getting her accounts back she tweeted the message that the hackers have to Photoshop her images for turning her pics into nudes.

The 25-year-old pop star, Taylor Swift has been the latest target of Hackers. Hackers went after Taylor Swift this week. She joins other celebrities who have recently had their social media accounts hacked.

Along with her social accounts (Instagram and Twitter) being hacked, messages were sent saying they would release nude pictures of Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift’s Twitter account is the fourth largest account that has been hacked.

Taylor Swift tweeted a thank you to Paramore’s Hayley Williams for informing her first about the hack. See the tweet below.

There were numerous tweets sent from Taylor Swift’s Twitter account after it was hacked. Tweets were sent to her fans, over 71 million, to follow well known hackers. Along with the tweets the hackers claimed that they had nude pictures of Taylor Swift that they would release. These tweets were deleted within minutes of them being posted. 

Taylor Swift gets her accounts back and she has her sights set on the hackers. Taylor Swift is calling their bluff on having nude pictures of her that, she says, simply do not exist.

On Tuesday, after regaining her Twitter account, Taylor Swift replied to the threats. Her response was simple and clear. Taylor Swift said the hackers could only wish for such pictures, there was no other way they could have them. She further went on to tweet that they should have fun photoshopping. That was the only way they would have nude photos of her.

Taylor Swift, even went on to taunt the hackers with a tweet of “hackers are gonna hack, hack, hack”, referencing her hit single “Shake it off”.  A simple reply to an empty threat, people can hack all they want, but they were not going to find anything, when there’s nothing there.  

Taylor Swift pokes fun at the hackers. Fans rallied behind the pop star, showing their support for Taylor Swift and her response to the threats of nude photos being released. 

This past summer, we have seen that the threat of personal photos being stolen is a serious threat. Numerous companies that provide automatic backup of the content pertaining to the pictures from smartphones are introducing new security measures to protect the data of their subscribers. How these new security measures will be implemented is yet to be seen.


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