Taylor Swift Song Stops Baby from Crying

Taylor Swift Song stops Baby from Crying

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A six-month-old baby girl named Rosie apparently stops crying upon hearing Taylor Swift’s song titled Blank Space. The amazing video of the little cutie pie ending her tantrum upon listening to the pop song went viral on the Internet.

Taylor Swift has a fan among the newly born babies of the world. It looks like Rosie, a tiny rosebud of a girl who has been in this world for only half a year, is already addicted to Taylor’s 1989 album hit single “Blank Space”. Or so it appears to be the case from a video clip posted on YouTube.

Rosie, who is swaddled in soft pink clothes, starts getting all riled up and then throws a full blown temper tantrum where her face contorts into various images of discomfort. She cries at the top of her lungs and then suddenly almost miraculously her anger subsides as a Taylor Swift song is heard in the background.

The video proves once and for all that there are no limits to consciousness in its awareness of the surrounding milieu (even in babies). And as far as music is concerned it is a universal language that /4/be enjoyed by the innocent just as much as by the wise and clever.

Taylor got to know of the video clip and she posted a remark on her Twitter account to the effect that “THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN” in capital letters of course. She was wholly taken by the utter beauty and sheer preciousness of the video.

The video has gone viral by now and it has received so many likes that they are beyond your ken. As far as the baby girl is concerned, she can be seen to resume her crying routine as soon as the music is turned off and the moment it is blaring in the distance, she cheers up and stops the hysterics.

This was something which really seemed magical in its very being. How can such a small infant detect the difference and respond to one song out of millions. Maybe music is a mystical entity alright that has spiritual roots. Taylor revealed later on that she also has a soft spot for felines (beside infants).

Her two cats which she absolutely adores are named Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey. She has predicted that within the next decade or so, she will probably be surrounded by cats and will be confined to the four walls of her home thanks to the number of these nimble and stylish creatures in her life.


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