Taylor Swift trademarks 1989 Phrase “This Sick Beat”

Taylor Swift trademarks 1989 Phrase “This Sick Beat”

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The pop singer has decided that she needs to trademark some phrases as she released her new album. Taylor Swift uses some of the words in her new album and that is why she thought it was best that she trademarked them.

Taylor Swift who is a popular singer and a professional businesswoman, has decided that she needs to trademark some phrases. Some of the phrases that she trademarked include “Nice to Meet You. Where You Been?”, “Party Like Its 1989” and “This Sick Beat”.

The phrases were trademarked at the US Patent and Trademark Office. According to Vox, Taylor Swift is going crazy with making everything her trademark. She had made ornaments, clothing and public appearances that come under the phrase “This Sick Beat” her trademarks.

Many professionals believe that if Taylor was looking to run her own merchandise then she needed to trademark everything. They believe that it was key that she made sure that everything important was properly handled and trademarked.

Many musicians have decided that music streaming and albums shouldn’t be their only source of income. Merchandise selling is becoming popular by the day and this why Taylor decided to trademark phrases.

This is something what every artist does when they start selling merchandise and Swift isn’t any different. So we can expect “This Sick Beat” T-shirts in the near future. Most of her merchandise is usually sold outside her concerts.

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On the other side, Taylor’s ‘1989’ album is heading on top of the billboard. Her album wasn’t number one for two weeks but now she is back on top. People still don’t know how many albums Taylor is going to sell.

Her album will remain on top for some time and this will help Taylor bring in some money. When 1989 gets back on top, it will mark its 10th week on top. The other top 10 of billboard are going to be revealed on 4th February.

People at Billboard are really impressed as they don’t usually come across an album that stays on top for so many weeks. Sources also claim that Taylor’s ‘1989’ has hit 4 million in US sales.

Last time any album was on top for more than 10 weeks it included Alanis Morissette (jagged Little Pill), Whitney Houston (The Bodyguard soundtrack) and Adele (21). Ne-Yo’s Non-Fiction is looking to debut next week and his album will be fighting hard in the top 10.

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