Tesla P85D’s “Insane Mode” make People Insane

Tesla P85D's "Insane Mode" make People Insane

Credit: YouTube Video

People freak out on their first encounter with the Tesla P85D’s “Insane Mode.”

People who first encountered the ‘insane’ mode, freaked out and immediately started cursing. They didn’t believe what their eyes were witnessing. Elon Musk wanted to build good quality electric cars. And he now has another thing added to his car’s ranks.

Musk calls it the ‘insane’ mode. The name suits the feature of the car as a lot of people believed that this feature was insane. Why do they call it the insane mode?

Well for starters this mode makes you able to go 60 miles an hour without any build up. You put the car in the insane mode and the next thing you know, you’re travelling 60mph. Elon Musk wanted to give the people a car that could achieve accelerations just like that of the supercars. So you now we have a car that could go to 60mph within 3.2 seconds.

The newest model is a great hit as a lot of people were amazed by the technology. And a lot of the people said that you should give fair warnings to the people who are about to experience this new feature for the first time.

Elon Musk installed a camera on car’s dash board that recorded the people’s reactions when they first experienced the insane mode. He tweeted the link of the video and it can be easily found on YouTube.

The P85D model has two motors that are designed to help the car in inclement weather. The car has an acceleration control which is placed on the touchscreen menu. The drivers will be able to select between modes and there are two modes in which you can drive the car.

You have the ‘insane’ mode and the ‘sports’ mode which is found on almost all automatic cars these days. This new technology used by Elon Musk is going to attract a lot of customers because everyone now wants to have their very own insane car. Normally it takes cars 7 to 8 seconds to reach to 60mph.

Josh Lowensohn of The Verge is the only man who has not reacted greatly towards the car’s feature. He made sure that he didn’t lose his cool and remained professional throughout when he was testing the car for the first time. This car will allow great drag experience to people who are into street drag racing.

Watch below the video of video of people experiencing P85D’s “Insane Mode” acceleration for the first time.


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