The Apple Mac Turns 30 Years Old

The Apple Mac Turns 30 Years Old

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Apple has literally become an institution of sorts. And the Apple Mac has officially turned 30 years old today. Celebrating the trials and tribulations faced by the late Steve Jobs and his brainchild, Apple Incorporated, Tim Cook, the current CEO, will be interviewed shortly regarding the tech giant.

Apple sure has come a long way. The company has seen hard times and been rescued from the doldrums by a resurgent Steve Jobs. It also saw its super-genius founder Jobs succumb to cancer a few years ago. The present CEO, Tim Cook is a mild-mannered man who is the exact opposite of Jobs. Yet there is more to the taciturn and usually silent CEO than meets the eye. 

Apple came up with its classic gadget, the Macintosh 30 years ago. Today, it has progressed to the point where tablets and smart phones as well as a hundred other cool and funky gizmos are being churned out from its factories. 

A truly global phenomenon, Apple has hit a stride that has taken it to the top. It ranks with other giants in the field such as Samsung, Microsoft and Google. In fact, Apple has become such a household word that it has a site dedicated to all its products by a certain uber-fan named Jonathan Zufi. 

He is a collector who has posted many photographs of products from Apple starting in the 80s and through the 90s up until the Noughties (from the year 2000 to the present times that is). T

he CEO, Tim Cook meanwhile will be answering many relevant questions about his enterprise pretty soon in a televised interview. One thing is for sure though. Apple is here to stay. And that is because it satisfies a fundamental need in today’s tech-savvy generation. 

“ABC News Anchor David Muir exclusively interviews Apple CEO Tim Cook on the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh and what is next for the company,” ABC says.

Source: 9to5Mac, Macworld

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