The Best Black Friday 2014 iPad Deals are In

The Best Black Friday 2014 iPad Deals are In


As predicted the iPad deals are amazing on Black Friday 2014. Now that the major Black Friday 2014 Ad are released we compiled the list of Black Friday 2014 IPad deals.

Apple has unveiled two new iPads with the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 last month. Apple also revealed that the original iPad Air and the original iPad mini stay in the new iPad line-up. This means there are now five different iPads available. As predicted retailers are offering deep discount deals on the older iPads in Black Friday 2014 ads, but also the new iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 are offered with big discounts or gift card bundle deals.

The biggest iPad deal is in fact on the new iPad Air 2. Target bundles a big $140 Gift Card with the 16GB iPad Air 2. I did not expect that, but here it is. I predicted the biggest discounts on the older models. These are though offered in several Black Friday Ads with “only” $100 discount or $100 gift card. Which of the Black Friday iPad deals below is best for you depends on which model you want to have. Target for instance limits their gift card deals to the 16GB models. Best Buy is offering $100 price cuts on all iPad models in a series.

So for instance if you are in the market for a 64GB iPad Air 2, then the Best Buy Black Friday iPad Air 2 is the best choice for you.

Find below the best Black Friday 2014 iPad deals. Before you look at the list, keep in mind that some retailers show the old iPad pricing to inflate savings. Read this revealing report we published earlier this week. Also as a service here are is the current entry prices of the iPad lines:

  • $249 iPad mini 
  • $299 iPad mini 2
  • $399 iPad mini 3
  • $399 iPad Air
  • $499 iPad Air 2

Best Black Friday 2014 iPad Deals

iPad Air 2

$499 iPad Air 2 + $140 Gift Card – Target

$489 iPad Air 2 + $100 Store Credit – Meijer

$399 iPad Air 2 ($100 off also 64GB, 128GB) – Best Buy

iPad Air

$295 iPad Air – Sam’s Club Nov. 15 / Black Friday

$397 iPad Air + $100 Gift Card – Walmart

$399 iPad Air + $100 Gift Card – Target

iPad with Retina Display

$299 iPad with Retina Display + $100 Credit – Meijer

iPad mini 3

$399 iPad mini 3 + $100 Gift Card – Target

$324.99 iPad mini 3 ($75 off also 64GB, 128GB) – Best Buy

iPad mini 2

$297 iPad mini 2 + $100 Credit – Meijer

$299 iPad mini 2 + $100 Gift Card – Target

iPad mini

$239 iPad mini + $100 Credit – Meijer

$249 iPad mini + $80 Gift Card – Target

$199 iPad mini + $30 Gift Card – Walmart

We expect of course iPad gift card deals in the Apple Store Black Friday 2014 sale and that Amazon will match some iPad Black Friday deals from other stores. We will continue to update you with the best Black Friday 2014 iPad deals.

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Today Wednesday   November 12 and the big Walmart Black Friday 2014 Ad has been released. This is the week with the big Black Friday 2014 ad releases. The Target Black Friday 2014 Ad and the Best Buy Black Friday 2014 Ad have been released. Another week of early Black Friday 2014 sales is upon us after a rather quite weekend with only few deals highlights. Today we expect several retailers to offer new deals in early Black Friday 2014 sales.

The weeks ahead of the actual Black Friday 2014 are the ideal time to score Black Friday deals without the usual stress involved.

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See the list of the best Black Friday 2014 Deals advertised in Black Friday 2014 ads so far.

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There have been already several great deals in the first days of the Black Friday 2014 sales season. The number of deals will increase as we get close to the Thanksgiving Week. It is important to know that the actual Black Friday 2014 sales will launch as early as on Sunday before the actual Black Friday 2014. Still, there will be already lots of deals that are equal or better leading up to the week of sales madness that will go over seamlessly into Cyber Monday 2014.


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