The Big Bang Theory Honors Leonard Nimoy

The Big Bang Theory honors Leonard Nimoy

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The popular sitcom Big Bang Theory paid a tribute to Leonard Nimoy in the show’s latest episode.

Leonard Nimoy passed away in the past week. The show Big Bang Theory was one of the show’s to pay tribute to the legendary actor. We see Sheldon Cooper sitting in his TV lounge while he is using his laptop. Suddenly he hears a voice calling him. He turns around and witnesses that his Spock action figure is talking to him.

Spock was played by the actor Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek. We see that Sheldon is completely surprised by the events and he starts thinking that the only logical explanation is that he is dreaming. Spock jokingly tells Sheldon that he might be hallucinating after being hit on the head by a coconut.

Spock tells him that he needs to play with his transporter toy whereas Sheldon replies and says that it is mint condition. Spock knows that it would destroy the value of the toy. Spock reminds Sheldon that the purpose of a toy is to be played with. And Sheldon figures it out that not playing with the toy would be illogical and he thinks that Spock is right.

In the next scene we see Sheldon waking up on another planet. He wakes and sees that this planet has two suns. He then complains about the fact that there are two suns but he has no sunscreen. Sheldon once again sees the Spock toy and the toy tells him that he is disappointed with him because he broke the transformer toy and replaced it with Leonard’s.

To which Sheldon replies that he was the one to suggest that he should play with the toy. Sheldon starts suggesting that Leonard should have the broken toy because he’s never going to open his mint condition toy and so he will never find out whether it’s broken or not.

The Spock toy tells him to do the right thing and replace Leonard’s toy. Sheldon throws the Spock doll away. As he does that he is attacked by an alien. At the end of the clip we see that it was all a dream and Sheldon starts asking for help from the Spock toy in his sleep.

Watch below the video of The Big Bang Theory’s tribute to Leonard Nimoy.


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