The Internet will Disappear, says Eric Schmidt

The Internet will Disappear, says Eric Schmidt

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The head of Google, Eric Schmidt proclaims the fact from his point of view that the Internet will disappear with the passage of time.

The top exec at Google, Eric Schmidt, declared perfunctorily recently that the Internet is bound to dematerialize with duration. This shocking statement had a qualifier though: its disappearance will only be in the form we know it as present.

Schmidt was attending the World Economic Forum in Switzerland and he was queried as to the future of the Net. Schmidt made the bold and impossibly preposterous statement that it will not exist in the times which are yet to come.

According to Schmidt, the reason behind this virtual vanishing act will be that there will simply be ten thousand things connected with the Internet which will make the very structural-functional makeup of the world wide web merge with humanity thus erasing any differences.

Just like Jacques Derrida, the father of deconstruction, once said that the West will lose itself once it becomes a universal state throughout the planet, so in a similar manner, Eric Schmidt said that via bionics, the Internet will have become incorporated into the very stuff that is biology in the future.

So one ought not at that specific time in the future call it the Internet. One should rather call it the “Into-Net”!

Schmidt made it clear that all this was not the stuff of science fiction. It was very real and tangible and could actually be the state of the future status of the Net and all Netiquette that went in synch with it.

Imagine you were to enter your room. In the future thanks in part to VR and to the IoE, the room would interact in a computer-intensive manner with you and follow your every command automatically and promptly.

Schmidt said that this would yield a highly personalized and complex world that was damned interesting to boot. Schmidt also spoke of how the EU was acting in terms of its own best interests with regards to the Internet.

Thus you had market leaders and dominance and gratitude played their strange dance of economic give and take on the world stage. The head of Google spoke of how the future looked bright ahead and it was open-ended.

Every full stop was an embryo that became a comma with the passage of time. Thus nothing was really final. He especially snubbed those forces that wanted greater surveillance and supervision of cyberspace.

The planet would go towards ever-widening freedom with the lengthening of the time scale. This was the norm and it would always be like this in the evolution of mankind’s social status.   

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