The New Optical Image Stabilization System Disclosed By The Latest Apple Patent

The New Optical Image Stabilization System Discloed by the Latest Apple Patent

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A new patent describing the optical image stabilization system provides the cameras of the Apple devices with outstanding features

On Friday, an Apple patent, disclosed by the US Patent and Trademark Office, revealed an outstanding technology of optical image stabilization, which can bless the cameras of different iDevices with incredible upgraded features.

According to Apple Balla, the patent states about the optical image stabilization (OIS) procedure, accompanied by the autofocus option. Through the OIS system, the actual camera lens is allowed to change its position slightly and resists the effect of not only the hand shake but also other small movements.  

The patent also describes about a procedure of the integration of OIS and voice coil motor (VCM) actuators.

According to Mac Rumors, the Apple patent states, “An embodiment of the invention is an actuator module suitable for use in a camera, more specifically, a miniature camera. The actuator module /4/include a mechanism to provide an AF function and a mechanism to provide an OIS function.”

The patent reveals a very interesting fact. The sole inventor of the patent filing, Richard Topliss, who joined the tech giant as the senior camera technology specialist, worked in Cambridge Mechatronics, the company which constructs the OIS actuators for smartphnes, for a decade. Since Apple informed that it is focusing more on enhancing camera feature rather than the megapixel range on the upcoming iPhone 6 earlier this week, speculation has been begun stating that a deal has been made between the two companies. However, the rumor hasn’t been proved yet.

However, optical image stabilization system will surely take Apple’s devices into a much higher position in terms of outstanding innovation.





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