The Newsroom returns for One Last Time

The Newsroom: Recap of Last Season Premiere

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The Newsroom recap is going to occur with Jeff Daniels and his underlings in tow.

What do we do with the elephant in the room? There is one, that’s for sure! Throughout the ten episodes of The Newsroom on HBO, it was riddled with fake acts, humiliating showmanship of females, neverending monologues on tiresome subjects and a whole lot more that could have best been done without. 

According to EW, the dramatic show with a single man in it was no longer a viable option. That is why it is being put under mercy killing or euthanasia. The females are not being shown as strong and independent as today’s normally are. 

Some have had there scripts changed to suit the audience but it is a case of too little too late. The whole thing was flawed from the beginning and now it seems there is no way out other than to scrap the program. 

The drunk newsman Charlie Skinner furthermore made the program a pain in the…ahem…neck! But the finale will supposedly be something to talk about. It seems the drama’s creator has crammed many a monologue (and dialogue) into the bones and marrow of the show.

What we are left with is an urge to shout out at the characters on the screen for sheer lack of influencing the boob tube. But then what can be done!? The show cannot go from weak to super-entertaining in the time span of a single day.

The crispy dialogue announces how the US government caused riots in a foreign country in the third world. This is all about exporting the revolution a la Americanos. Jeff Daniels does however bring a dose of poignant realism to the reporting by showing what he and his team of aficionados are capable of.

This time it is the Boston Marathon Bombing that is the center of the discussion. When it is reported that an 8 year old boy was among the victims the result is extreme sadness. The depth of the tragedy even brings tears to the eyes of a pompous news anchor. 

The characters on The Newsroom interact on a regular basis and some of them have personal problems and love affairs on the side as well. The bridezilla shown in the program is after her hubby-to-be to look to the guest list since she wants an evenly balanced gender agenda at her wedding.

It is only when the Boston Marathon Bombing takes place that she is is awoken from her self-sufficient slumber. The females who report live from the site about the incident are proof that females can do it on their own. The news reporting is terse, concise and very much to the point.

It does not waver or skip its lines. Jeff Daniels and Olivia Munn show the world what they have in the way of solid talent to get the news to the people in the most realistic manner possible. The news of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev being in hiding and his being found later on is especially a high point of the whole episode.

Daniels is out to prove his ability to be a good news anchor and he has Olivia Munn as his sidekick. The speech, the style and the general tenor of the situation forces him to give it his all in terms of genuine reporting and true-to-life journalism. It is indeed a moment of truth when the nation watches the people on screen tell it like it is. 

As for Aaron Sorkin, he /4/never return to Televisionland after this venture since it seems to be time to throw in the towel. The Newsroom was just an experiment. And like most experiments go, it sort of failed although not without its own blaze of glory that lit up the heavens for a while.

The brief shining moment it enjoyed will always resonate with audiences everywhere despite the general weakness of plot and maudlin monologues. It seems that some things are not meant to be.

According to Hollywoodreporter, Sorkin’s style did not go down too well with the crowd. He would be better off trying his luck elsewhere where maybe he would be better appreciated. After all a good definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.   

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