The Next Best Thing: Apple’s 12-inch MacBook Air

The Next Best Thing: Apple’s 12-inch MacBook Air

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The next best thing just got better. Apple’s 12-inch MacBook Air has been revealed and it is reportedly going to be very small with an all new design.

Apple has designed a novel MacBook Air for the current year. It is radical chic at its best. 9toMac reported that Apple’s all new MacBook Air will be a 12-inch model. The good thing is that all the detritus of the past such as USB ports, MagSafe connectors and SD card slots have been whisked away and in their place new components have been installed.

A razor thin body that is featherweight is coupled with a greater resolution display screen. Various insiders within the structure of Apple have used prototypes of this new baby with a superiority complex.

They lend us a sneak peek into the internal workings of the new MacBook Air. There is a painted version of the new model in print form for all to see in the open and this work of artistry shows a definite improvement over all previous attempts.

Especially, after the Retina MacBook Pro launch about two years back, this is the first time that such a fresh vista has been introduced in computing. It is a brand new concept in silicon technology and will lend users hours of pleasurable manipulating.  

The MacBook Air is smaller than the 13-inch model of yore. And yet it is leaner than the 11 inch model. And it is taller than the 11 inch model too. Thus it happens to be a complex amalgam of form and function.

The entire body of the keyboard and screen have been refurbished to appear to be closer to the consumer’s heart’s desire. Steve Jobs, the original founder, designed the prototype over a decade ago. But we have come a long way since those good old days.

The format of the keys on the keyboard is different. And everyone remembers Apple’s “Think Different” advertisement from 1984. There is a trackpad on it that is no different from previous ones.

The feedback gotten from the clicking of the keys has been eliminated too since it only added to the constant and continuous drone of noise pollution. The streamlined design also shows that it is narrower from the front as it is closed after use. Everything about it spells “NEW”.

As for the color it is a space gray hue that is sophisticated and suave. The MacBook Air will go into production soon and this is a highly likely event. In case it doesn’t there will be postponements yet the process will not be hindered in the final analysis.  

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