The Vampire Diaries Boss on Season 6 Finale and Season 7 Plans

The Vampire Diaries Boss on Season 6 Finale and Season 7 Plans

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The season six finale of The Vampire Diaries depicted Elena’s touching farewell scene not to mention some nailbiting suspense.

To survive the season six finale of The Vampire Diaries is a miracle in itself. No one in his or her right mind could take the heartache and not shed a tear or two at the maudlin scenes. The Executive Producers did a fine job at illustrating the gist of the series. The sheer sorrow of parting is shown as Elena waves her near and dear ones goodbye. She is about to enter a long period of suspended animation. 

The Vampire Diaries executive producers Caroline Dries talked with E! News about Elena’s heartbreaking goodbyes and season 7 plans. Kai has cast a hex on Elena and Bonnie is also involved in the spellbinder of a ride.

It’s hard to find the words…say goodbye to Elena one last time by watching next week’s #Rehash. #TVDPosted by The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, /4/14, 2015

Meanwhile, Alaric becomes estranged from his new-fangled spouse Jo and decides to commit suicide. As for Tyler, he had to administer euthanasia to Liv so as to put her our of her misery and also answer the “call of the werewolf” in him and thus save himself from sudden death. 

While the scenes are very horrifying and plainly difficult to watch, there is a thread of romantic love that runs throughout the dramatic narrative. And the sadness and nostalgia leave the TV viewers with wet tissue papers in their hands. After all, the Grim Reaper has a way of leaving you feeling empty and wanting to bawl like a baby at the sense of loss (even if it is vicarious in nature). 

Is Damon too late? Find out in the season finale of #TVD tonight at 8/7c.Posted by The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, /4/14, 2015

According to the she boss behind The Vampire Diaries, when the provenance of Mystic Falls is deprived of Elena, the result is that a series of events are triggered that have serious consequences. There are incidents and accidents in the process. The flashbacks and flash-forward scenes make for an interesting medley of exquisite human (and vampire) experience that leaves the onlookers breathless. 

Lily Salvatore is portrayed as the arch-matriarch of the heretics. And she is an expert at commanding her sons to be at her beck and call. The family scuffles that ensue will pit everyone against everyone else. The loss of Elena through her deep sleep and suicidal tendencies of Alaric lead to unrelieved grief and catharsis among the gazers.  

Meanwhile, Tyler’s lycanthropy /4/land him in hot water. It all depends on how the next season will unroll on television. And when Elena bids adieu to her beloved and those she cares about there is not a single viewer who does not turn on the waterworks.  

Executive Producers Caroline Dries and Julie Plec preview the bittersweet goodbye to Elena Gilbert. Don’t miss the #TVD season finale tomorrow at 8/7c.Posted by The Vampire Diaries on Wednesday, /4/13, 2015

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